In the Nevada desert near “Zone 51” found time-distorting section

Nevada is near in the desertA photo from open sources

Famous American paranormal researcher Joshua Warren, famous for his study of mysterious grave lights and in particular the famous “Brown Mountain Lights” in South Carolina, recently made a new sensational find: he supposedly found a place in Nevada, just between Las Vegas and the famous “Zone 51”, where time slows down its run – “Time warp”.

Just make a reservation that time in this place does not last so long slowly compared to our usual rhythm, so that all this notice through the senses God has given us, so Warren used a specific technique, namely differential time speed meter (it turns out there is one).

A photo from open sources

This device was recently invented and designed by an engineer. Silicon Valley California Ron Heath. He is 30 meter cable with a special cable at one end a sensor with which a returning signal is sent, whereby distortions (if any) can be measured in time.

In this place of the Nevada desert, the signal slowed down by 20 microseconds, which is simply impossible theoretically.

A photo from open sources

As Joshua himself says, for this it is necessary, for example, to a black hole has approached our planet, or some kind of similar anomaly. Yes, the trouble is, it’s all from the realm of fiction, therefore, time dilation must be sought in the environment reality. For example, very close to this place there is a secret military base “Zone 51”, on which, judging by information leak, anti-gravity flying apparatuses. And since time, space, gravity, inertia – interconnected, as the great Einstein claimed, it’s quite it is possible that the time dilation in this place is somehow connected with secret experiments of the US military.

Of course, to identify the cause of this anomaly is recognized an enthusiastic researcher is the most difficult thing, but if it succeeded in principle, then a window would open in front of us (let small window) to another world, another reality. Of course, anything could be the reason for slowing down time near Las Vegas starting from secret terrestrial technology and ending with something extraterrestrial. TO Unfortunately, the mystery remains a mystery, we have only – a mysterious result. But he is amazing!


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