In the Philippines, a three year old girl remotely ignites clothes, mattresses and even cookies

A photo from open sources

In March 2011, the news of a three-year-old child with unusual mental abilities aroused the interest of hundreds of curious people and mass media. To her home in the province of Antique in guests in the central part of the Philippines found out that she could predict and magically causes fire. Those who have witnessed her abilities, swear that they saw how their clothes light up, mattresses, pillows. The paper ignites immediately after it predicts that this will happen. Mayor of san jose Molina was one of hundreds who witnessed this phenomenon. He says he saw the pillow catch fire right after as a child said that “fire… pillow …” Once, when Molina was in the orphanage, she blurted out: “something caught fire”, and a shirt that was drying on the street, on a rope, inexplicably caught fire. “No one touched her or even came close. Just seconds later it was engulfed in flames, “Molina said. Policeman Gorero saw five objects that caught fire or smoldering, including a piece of cookie burned out, despite the fact that nobody touched objects. “At first I didn’t believe. Why? But we tackled the investigation after a lot of people came to the girl’s house, “said Gorero. Molina placed next to the house police and observers, as well as a fire truck. He says that authorities will help with child testing and counseling alarmed parents. The mayor was quoted by the newspaper Iloilo City, and he said: “I can’t explain it. I’m the mayor of the city and I’m not easy I believe in this kind of thing, but I saw it. I’m at a loss. “(By Iloilo City, The Daily Guardian). As reported Wikipedia, pyrokinesis – the term parapsychology, meaning the ability to cause fire or a significant increase in temperature at a distance by the power of thought, and also the possibility by the power of thought to control the fire. A creature capable of pyrokinesis is called pyrokinetics. There are no openly published documentaries evidence of the reality of the phenomenon of pyrokinesis. Does not exist either scientific theories that would explain this phenomenon. Large-scale studies are not conducted due to complete inconsistency of cases of pyrokinesis and lack of theoretical justification.

Pyrokinesis The Power Of Thought

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