In the photograph, a defect was discovered, which was called “failure in the matrix”

The defect found in the photograph was calledA photo from open sources

This happened close to the Powell County Slade community Kentucky USA. The place is famous for its beautiful landscapes, it is very popular with climbers who in the gorge of the Red River often conduct their extreme training and competitions. Love here come and numerous tourists.

One of them took this picture, which, as specified Mutual UFO experts verified for authenticity and therefore there is no doubt as a fact. However, in this photo there is something amazing.

A photo from open sources

As the photographer himself, who decided to stay incognito, assures at the moment he didn’t notice anything. Yes, it was impossible to clean practically, as it turned out. The fact is that the man exercised shooting in fast frame mode. Later, looking at the pictures, he in only one frame noticed an anomaly: in the background were three stones, as if hanging in the air. On the remaining frames – nothing there is no such thing.

What is this, no one can say. Mutual UFO Specialists themselves at a loss, because it doesn’t look like a UFO: “blocks in air “are clearly formless, as if it’s really the stones. But how can this be?

A photo from open sources

This is why the matrix theory in which we are living. In this case, everything is explained by a failure in the program. But if this is not a glitch in holographic reality, then maybe somehow connected in parallel worlds, some suggest Internet users.

What do you think this is? Just do not need to write that this is a failure in the camera (it’s already been proved that this is not so), and that this is a fake (Mutual UFO experts do not consider fakes).

Life in a matrix Stones

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