In the sky above Brazil a glowing silhouette

A luminous silhouette appeared in the sky over BrazilPhoto from open sources

Last week, many residents of Brazilian Orishimin became eyewitnesses of an amazing heavenly phenomenon. Large spiky a cloud framed by sunset rays arose relatively low above ground. Inside this cloud appeared a mysterious silhouette commemorating icon painting saint or even a representative of extraterrestrial civilization. Some witnesses thought it was not a cloud, but a ghost. or a bunch of energy from the other world.

An anomaly was noticed from many parts of the city. Raptured brazilians began to photograph the silhouette in the sky and upload received snapshots on the Internet. Images instantly scattered across social Networks and other World Wide Web resources. Many commentators suggested that this is a divine sign foreshadowing some important event. For example, the second coming of Christ or imminent end of the world. Say, not without reason in the Holy Scripture says: “Behold, he is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him …”

Heated debate about the nature of this phenomenon does not subside among netizens so far. It is worth noting that similar miracles are periodically observed in many corners of the Earth. So in This February, a radiant figure was seen in the sky over Polynesia, similar to the image of the Virgin. In april over a mountain in colombia seen luminous image of the Savior. And in June, a similar anomaly was captured in Portugal. And such episodes may actually be many times more.

It is no coincidence that researchers of these celestial phenomena, having gathered together thousands of such cases, concluded that clouds may well to be reasonable, that in the atmosphere of the Earth there is a certain cloudy civilization, which in this way sometimes contacts us, giving us signs from the future, because it has large time management capabilities. Theory, in general, is quite having the right to life, as confirmed by many facts, however, the scientific platform for it is even more difficult to bring under it than under the existence of aliens on Earth …

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