In the sky over Cape Town, a chronomrage was noticed – flying city

In the sky over Cape Town noticed chronomrage - a flying cityA photo from open sources

Of course, that it was certainly a chronomrage, and not a UFO or even a completely terrestrial aircraft, it’s impossible to say for sure, but a mysterious vision that arose recently in the port sky cities of Cape Town South Africa, watched and even filmed many Africans.

Amazed by eyewitnesses that a ship-city sailed through the sky, which one could notice various buildings and structures, true, made as if from glass and metal. Here are just residents nobody managed to notice this fantastic city, just like hear at least the distant noise of his city life. Futuristic aerial residential island floating silently over Cape Town, either showing off in front of its inhabitants, or performing some kind of intelligence mission.

This is why many have suggested that this is a chrono-mirage, which sends today’s Africans to their long-gone highly developed civilization, where there were such cities – with skyscrapers, bridges and other delights of the ultramodern metropolis.

True, not everyone agrees with this. For example, ufologists believe that it was still an alien ship, and some Internet users believe that this is generally an earth apparatus, based on Nikola Tesla’s technology that was stolen at the Serbian CIA scientist.

By the way, recall that three years ago, residents of one of the African villages (Dulali, Nigeria) watched as a huge floated in the sky town. And at that time, the vision did not resemble a ship, more Moreover, some witnesses to this miracle even heard the noise of this celestial metropolis, distinguished cars moving along its roads and much more.

And in that case, independent researchers considered, like Now, most likely, this is a manifestation of the timing, which has a complex spatio-temporal structure, transferring witnesses to this mysterious phenomenon either in the past or in future. The case described above in Cape Town, it’s difficult even to make it clear describe what events and what time suddenly appeared the eyes of the townspeople.

However, on this score there is also the opinion of skeptics: the video is just fake. But even if it is (let’s say so), amazing nobody has yet canceled chronomrage, the media periodically write about it, about similar phenomena are available even in historical chronicles …


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