In the sky over China again noticed chronomrage

In the sky over China again noticed chronomragePhoto from open sources

July 23 this year, residents of the Chinese city of Jinan in Shandong Province observed a mysterious phenomenon. In the clouds above the city seemed dark translucent outlines of multi-story houses and towers – another chronomrage in the sky of the Middle Kingdom.

“Phantom Skyscrapers,” as local journalists call them, appear in China relatively often, and none of the scientists can explain the nature of this phenomenon. Independent researchers also disagree what it is:

  • some believe that it’s chrono-miracles from the future, especially since today even official science has revised its attitude to such concept like time;
  • according to others, portals to parallel worlds are to blame, which momentarily show us a different reality than our physical reality;
  • if you believe the third, we are talking about secret heavenly megacities created by decree of the powerful and variable success hidden from the eyes of the inhabitants through high-tech camouflage;
  • fourth, most skeptical web users Internet, claim that these are just ordinary mirages caused by reflection in the dirty air of real skyscrapers.

Surprising in this case, too, is why chronomerages with ghostly cities appear most often in China, although, of course, they are seen in other places on our planet, for example, often in Africa. Moreover here they sometimes manifest themselves so vividly that the locals even not only see the “air cities”, but also hear their usual city ​​noise. How is this possible, no one knows …

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