In the sky over Kazakhstan a huge eye

A huge eye appeared in the sky over KazakhstanPhoto from open sources

The World Wide Web got a picture of an unusual cluster clouds made in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Clouds are unusual in that formed into an image of the eye, which is impossible with anything confuse. Web users impressed by the picture put forward assumptions about the eye of God, the all-seeing ocean of masons, aliens, Big Brother and so on. The list managed to fly around many English speaking sites.

It is known that the photo was taken some time ago amateur photographer in the Kazakhstani capital Astana. Photographer posted this picture on a popular Russian entertainment site “Picabu” under the pseudonym 1shustry. Judging by the author’s comments, he doesn’t take this image seriously and doesn’t particularly believe in the supernatural nature of the eye. Other site users also commented on the photo with undisguised irony.

A photo from open sources

However, on many foreign resources, users considered That this photo deserves closer attention. So, Canadian ufologist Andrea Wilson wrote: “I don’t think it’s representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, but this is definitely something unusual. Our distant ancestors would certainly consider speech is about a sign from above. And they, as it is now known for certain, were closer to Nature and understood it much better than ours. Why are we all forces to refuse to believe when she gives us some signs? Personally, I have never before seen clouds stack in such a clear image of the eye. There’s even a clearly visible pupil. ”

Western skeptics attribute everything to coincidence and optical an illusion. In addition, doubting commentators suggest that the picture could be subject to editing. However, a number of enthusiasts checked this hypothesis and did not find any traces on the image digital retouching. Either it really wasn’t produced, or the author used some advanced technologies photo editing that looks even less believable. After all the game is not worth the candle …


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