In the sky over New York flared up mysterious bright lights

Many mysterious bright lights flashed in the sky over New YorkA photo from open sources

A stunning sight shot in the evening sky of New York when above megalopolis as if someone magically suddenly lit a lot lights, thereby illuminating the clouds with a bluish radiance.

You can watch the video and evaluate for yourself how much it is. an amazing phenomenon, although personally, the Americans say, this It looked much more amazing! We will not give all kinds of theories that ufologists, conspiracy theorists and simply “well-read” Internet users. We are interested in something else: how all this is evaluated by the official science and authorities of New York. It turns out that there is nothing unusual in this illumination. how The megalopolis official news reported, an amazing glow over the city was the result of the explosion of a powerful generator of one of an energy company serving New York. It is the consequences this explosion, they say, and watched (filmed) residents metropolis. However, far more serious consequences of this the accident began to interrupt the power supply of the subway and one of local airports.

A plausible explanation by officials, however, caused distrust among independent American researchers paranormal phenomena and ufologists. Here are their arguments that are not very “fit” with the facts of the official version:

  • the lights in the sky lit instantly and were surprisingly static, which does not correspond to the explosion (watch the video where the cars moving, and the lights in the sky seemed to freeze). Mysterious lights also instantly “turned off” rather than burned out (unfortunately, this is not captured on video);
  • for some reason no one heard the sound of the alleged explosion, even remote, it is not recorded on video;
  • there was not a single witness who would have experienced inconvenience due to power outages in the subway and airport it seems that they simply weren’t there;
  • similar lights were seen over New York and last year, then also the sky over the city suddenly lit up with a blue glow, though in that “illumination” was less like a salute that time “New Year greeting.” But most importantly, at that time nothing exploded in the city, why did officials come this time to head “blow up the generator”, it’s not clear, apparently, they thought that it’s not very convenient to keep silent every time.

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