In the swamps of Louisiana evil settled

In the swamps of Louisiana scum settledPhotos from open sources of

Here you will not hear bird singing, and you can only travel on the boat. Small islets, and skeletons protrude from the water between them dried trees. And everywhere – solid black and blue swamps … Such Manchak, a swamp complex located in the US state of Louisiana not far from New Orleans.

Legend has it that in 1915 it was burned here at the stake. a voodoo worshiper with tremendous magical powers. Burned, burned, but before death, the sorceress cursed forever these places, which people later called “swamps” ghosts. ”

Witch’s curse

In the same 1915 they tried to drain Manchak, however businessmen failed. A terrible thing came true almost immediately the curse of the witch: several workers’ settlements were destroyed powerful hurricane wind, many people died.

But not only this fact is surprising. It’s amazing that the corpses of people dead from a hurricane a century ago, to date float out of the swamp. Alligators living in abundance on Manchak, for some reason they don’t touch, although the animals have completely different food Little. Corpses rise to the surface – and after some time again immersed in water, and others come up to replace it.

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Residents of these villages say that after the burning of the queen Voodoo in the vicinity began to disappear people and at the same time appear the ghosts of those who have long left this world. Recall that in times of American slavery in these places tried to hide many runaway blacks — as a result, all of them were eaten by crocodiles.

Manchak is an ominous place that is literally shrouded in secrets, attracting tourists. Hundreds of people are sent here in desire see with your own eyes the ghosts of the deceased and hear stories about terrible monsters. On the surface of swamp water you can observe literally whole flocks of dead birds that alligators feed on mostly. Why, flying over cursed swamps, do birds perish? This is yet another unsolvable mystery of Manchak.

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For lovers of extreme tourism organized swimming at night by torchlight in boats. It is at night that you can see obscure and strange shadows over the swamps, which are considered the souls of people, damned servant of voodoo. On the islands you can distinguish blurry silhouettes reminiscent of both people and some obscure creatures sometimes covered with hair.

Going on such an excursion, each of the tourists gives in writing compliance with the rules, which specifically says: if by chance he will fall from the boat into the water, they will not pull it back – because of a huge number of alligators it is very dangerous for others passengers.

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Werewolves howl here at night.

According to local residents, at night from the swamps periodically is a huge animal that looks like a dog or a dog panther. In the morning, the owners discover dozens on their farms. torn sheep.

Some managed to photograph a night monster. Because of the dark frames were not particularly clear, but it is quite possible discern a leopard-like animal.

Also, at nights over the Munchak, a chilling howl is often heard which resembles a wolf, but in Louisiana wolves are not found. It is believed that shouting rugaru (“werewolves” in translation from French) – people with dog or wolf heads.

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Already among Louisiana settler pioneers there was a tradition that rugaru hunt Catholics violating Lent. For the same to become a werewolf himself, it’s enough for seven years not observe fasting. In the “status” of werewolves rugaru are one hundred and one day.

During this period, the curse may well pass to the person whose blood drank rugaru. At the same time, these creatures look in the afternoon like most ordinary people. Their scary beastly essence manifests itself only with uncontrolled outbursts of anger. Interesting that night the reincarnation of these monsters is not accompanied by any physical discomfort or pain. Having become werewolves, they receive unheard of physical strength.

They say that you can kill a rugara with a shot or knife, however the corpse after this must be burnt at all costs, otherwise If the werewolf comes to life again.

Water Werewolf Bird Time

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