In the time capsule found an ominous message from ghost boy

An ominous message was found in the time capsuleA photo from open sources

In the United States, builders repaired the school and accidentally found in the earth the so-called time capsule at the age of forty eight years.

At the end of the seventies of the last century, students of this institutions, apparently under the guidance of a teacher, were placed in a glass a jar of notes intended for people in the future. It is noteworthy that they did not indicate the whereabouts of their treasure, so the find was a pleasant surprise for everyone.

The capsule was found in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. IN one of the messages means that it was laid in May 1968, as once before the summer holidays. Junior students are mostly described their vision of the future. Schoolchildren wrote about flying cars, smart robots, moon settlements, underwater houses in the ocean and so on. However, one of these anonymous notes contained a very strange and even somewhat sinister message.

A photo from open sources

A certain student wrote: “I’ve been dead for a long time. I died a little one, therefore outwardly always remain a child. I have to go to school Montgomery Now the school is called differently, but to me more like the old name. I was born in 1900 and died later ten years, but I won’t tell you how it happened. Most of all to me like to scare people, including the police, and play the guitar. it such a board with strings, if you did not know. See you later, savages. ”

Mysterious message quickly caught the attention of American journalists. Of course, the media did not believe that it the message was written by a real ghost. Nonetheless, The personality of the former student was very interested in the paparazzi. They plan to find the author of an unusual letter and ask him about the content of the text. Why did the child consider himself a native of that Sveta? Why would a ghost go to school? Why did the boy call us savages?

The journalists plan to get answers to all these questions from a former schoolboy who should be around fifty now eight years old. All messages from children, including this, have been reprinted and posted on the official website of the school.


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