In the UK, filmed the “Face of God”

An amateur photographer from the UK while walking along the beach managed to take an extraordinary shot. Residents of Norfolk County praised the photo, considering it a proof that behind them God is watching.

In Great Britain photographedA photo from open sources

According to the Mirror tabloid, Yorkshire residents tend to they call it a county belonging to God, but now this Norfolk claims the title, in which an interesting snapshot.

According to 56-year-old amateur photographer Jeremy Fletcher (Jeremy Fletcher) from the small town of Bray, Berkshire working in County Norfolk for three months, a few days ago he decided to take a walk along the beach. Since the sky was tightened the clouds, the british did not expect to take successful pictures, so just walked along the water’s edge, forgetting about his hobby.

At sunset, Jeremy was going to return home, when suddenly something incredible happened: he claims that the clouds for a moment parted as if in order to show amazing form.

A photo from open sources

“That night was cloudy, and I wanted to go back, and here a strange figure appeared among the clouds, recalls Fletcher. – I realized that she looks like a man’s face with a beard and in a hurry took some pictures on my phone. Everything looked like as if someone upstairs turned to take a last look at shore. The conclusion suggests itself: most of all, the face resembles Of God. ”

True, the 56-year-old Briton reacted to photography with humor and later added: “Although, it could also be Sean Connery or Karl Marx.”

Unlike Jeremy, Norfolk County reacted to the picture in all seriousness, considering it convincing evidence what the Lord watches over them.

It is noteworthy that the member also adheres to the same point of view County Council, 62-year-old Charles Joyce.

“Everyone who lives here knows that Norfolk is special. AND now we have received confirmation from above, ”he said.

Great Britain

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