In the United States on the Great Lakes filmed “ghost ship”

In the United States on the Great Lakes filmedA photo from open sources

On Saturday, October 8, a resident of the US state of Michigan Jason Assalin walked near Lake Superior, which is the largest body of water in the Great Lakes system. Unexpectedly man noticed an incredibly tall dark figure on the horizon. It looked like that on the lake there is a huge growth of a man in a hood and with a staff in hand. The American did not waste time and immediately got his smartphone, filming a giant on a gadget camera.

Assalin writes: “At first I thought it was some kind of ship, but then immediately discarded such a theory. Ships of this form are not exist. And then I saw that it was a ghostly man unusually tall, dressed in a hoodie and walking on water with a staff in his hands. It was just an amazing sight. I can say he didn’t even believe his eyes, but the giant, fortunately, clearly captured on the video. See for yourself, I took it off in high resolution. ”

The video posted by Jason on YouTube has already been watched more half a million people. In the comments, as you might guess, heated debate over what it is. At that while some video hosting users fully believed in the existence of a giant, others began to look for what happened rational explanation. For example, hypotheses are put forward that this is actually a rock, smoke or cloud.

Skeptics also recall Fata Morgana – a complex optical a phenomenon that is very rare. It occurs when in the atmosphere forms several layers of air of various densities, in as a result of the refraction of rays giving specular reflections in the form mirages on the horizon. In the old days, Fata Morgana formed on water, often mistaken for ghost ships. It’s believed that this is how the legend of the Flying Dutchman came about, doomed to the end of centuries to plow the sea.

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