In the village of New Life near Moscow real damn

In the village of New Life near Moscow real devilry is happeningA photo from open sources

Residents of the village of Novy Byt of the Chekhov region are sure that according to ghosts roam the surroundings, and from time to time in the sky there are flying saucers, the television channel 360 Moscow Region reports. Ufologists and psychics have been studying for several years Chekhov anomalies. They concluded that there were traces in the area. extraterrestrial civilizations.

Ufologists and psychics claim to have settled here evil spirits that sometimes raid nearby territory. Novobytovtsy say that for a long time have seen.

Interest in the New Life arose immediately after being here deposits of rare metals, extremely atypical for medium stripes. Geologists even then said that what was happening in the Chekhov region wrong, they brought unusual funnels to confirm the correct form on the ground and in the snow. According to geologists, they could leave representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

“In front of people, in a forest glade in the ground appeared small holes. Round holes with a diameter of 3-4 centimeters, that were in the snow. This is a January case, and another case is on land, on a dirt road, “- told the 360 ​​channel Moscow Region “ufologist, coordinator ONIOOO” Cosmopoisk “Vadim Chernobrov.

The emergency service desk of the local rescue service regularly arrives signals about paranormal phenomena. Last November alone the woman heard a baby cry from the local cemetery. IN In early 2014, they complained about explosions in the forest.

A photo from open sources

“We ask callers. Only after that is accepted departure decision. There can be no stupid decisions – serious business and serious organization. We leave only if there is a threat human life, “said the acting head of the rescue squad Maxim Miloserdov.

Read more about the strange phenomena observed by residents in video clip.

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