In the water off the coast of California found a mysterious the structure

A mysterious structure found in water off the coast of CaliforniaA photo from open sources

The American virtual archaeologist recently considered California satellite images and found in local coastal an incomprehensible object suspiciously resembling a polygonal structure with many symmetrical elements.

Of course, the astonished author of the find immediately concluded that it wasn’t can go about underwater terrain. Nature is known to be completely does not accept symmetry and right angles – at least when it comes to concerns the landscape.

The alleged anomaly is at a depth of about 27 meters. It has a length of at least 2.4 kilometers and a width of about 1.6 kilometers. The found structure is located at about 2.5 kilometers from the city of Long Beach.

It’s strange that no one has noticed this object before, Surprised by an online archaeologist. Surely it can be seen from ships and boats, not to mention the divers that California has great amount. However, many similar anomalies are discovered these days precisely thanks to aerial photographs from satellites.

The author of the find himself suggests that before us may be a secret military base or the ruins of an ancient civilization about which nothing is known to official science yet. Or maybe it’s known, but scientists prefer to keep the general public in the dark, until everyone and everyone clears up themselves – a similar “maneuver” of academic no one excludes science either, especially when it comes to history, and especially such a sensitive topic of hers as civilization, existed before us …


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