In Vitebsk, millions of moths created on the streets “horror picture”

In Vitebsk, millions of moths created on the streetsA photo from open sources

And although the inhabitants of the Belarusian city of Vitebsk every year at the end July, they observe this – the invasion of millions of mayfly moths, the current “madness” of these butterflies has caused them some shock.

The fact is that this summer the mayfly flew here so much that even experienced citizens are surprised to note that all this resembles “horror pictures.” No wonder these “pictures” are filmed and put it on social networks, where a heated discussion begins – what is it, is it really a sign in front of some universal disaster?

A photo from open sources

Here is what a resident of Vitebsk writes about this on Instagram Dina Vakulskaya, positioning herself in this social network under a nickname dinavakulskaya:

At first glance it seems that it is snowing in our city – this is in July! However, this is not snow, but just moths, but their as much as ever, why some citizens, and especially newcomers perceive this as something terrible and surreal. A picture of horror, not otherwise …

Mayflies, experts say, this is a detachment of butterflies, the output of which, as a rule, it has such a massive character. And all these moths in the evening rush to the light sources, and their swarm means that they start “marriage dances.”

A photo from open sources

The largest cluster of moths in Vitebsk was noted near Kirovsky bridge. However, scientists agree with residents that in the current 2018 is a lot of mayflies, and therefore such a picture is created – some horror. But all this does not last long – no more than two days, so today in Vitebsk it’s no longer “snowing” from Moth Mayfly – The horror movie is over, and now it can be look only at the video, which we offer you to do …


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