In Zaporozhye a tornado formed, in which noticed a “screaming face”

A tornado formed in Zaporozhye, in which they noticedA photo from open sources

June 7 this year on one of the central streets of Ukrainian Zaporozhye suddenly formed a real tornado, very surprised locals and visitors (apparently, the Americans brought to us this infection, one of the townspeople joked).

A high whirlwind rose from the ground near a tram stop “Yuzhelektromontazh”, headed, breaking a small tree, to the side, and then disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. So rare in the local latitudes, the phenomenon was amazing for Ukrainians themselves, however, the most attentive people noticed in what happened one unusual detail.

Eyewitnesses claim that at some point in the windfall one could see … a human face that seemed to reveal in dumb screaming mouth! Someone will say that the witnesses are frankly fantasize, however, on the video below, received car dvr can actually be considered something vaguely resembling dark eyes and a mouth. However, they appear in a tornado for just a second or two, so be more attentively.

Some netizens even suggested that it was air elemental – a mythical entity from the medieval alchemy, natural philosophy and occultism, symbolizing power elements.

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