Incomprehensible pink fog enveloped British cities

Inexplicable pink fog enveloped British citiesPhoto from open sources

Several regions in the southwest of the United Kingdom were shrouded in a mysterious fog of pink. It is happened last weekend when the UK was abnormally observed high temperature for February: about 20 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists attribute the appearance of an unusually colored haze with warming, but many users of the World Wide Web convinced of the mystical nature of this phenomenon. Eyewitnesses actively share online photos and videos taken on the street.

A photo from open sources

Pink fog has caused the cancellation of several dozen flights. However, at some point the haze is swiftly dispelled, and immediately the sun shone. Astonished british still continue to discuss the mysterious phenomenon and put forward various theories about the causes of it.

A photo from open sources

Some believe that the secret is to blame. government experiments – for example using meteorological weapons. According to others, it was an anomaly of a supernatural nature, and therefore it is simply explained impossible. Others are expected to speak about the tricks of the representatives extraterrestrial civilization.

If you believe the fourth, we are talking about a phenomenon caused by rapprochement with the Earth of the legendary planet Nibiru. Fifths believe as if before us is the result of a failure in the work of the Matrix or a discovery portal to another dimension. But unfortunately no one can say with absolute accuracy what it was. And apparently scientists will not clarify this situation.

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