Incredible cases in medical practice

Despite the fact that some people even die from feline
scratches or squeezed pimple on the face, in medical practice
A lot of cases are radically opposite, that is, when people
survived, with almost no chance at all. Here, as
it says, what is written to the kin …

Wake up in a happy future

This case is not so unique in terms of human survival
how much interest is quite different. Due to a serious tumor
brain, Polish railroad worker Jan Grzebski in 1988
fell into a coma and woke up … in a beautiful future.

Doctors believed that the 46-year-old man simply would not survive, however
years passed, and, starting in 1992, Jan’s brain sarcoma became
gradually decrease, so that after 15 years, namely in
In 2007, the patient finally came to his senses.

In 1988, when Jan fell seriously ill, it was happening in Poland
something terrible: complete devastation, a serious economic crisis,
cold, hunger, constant strikes of workers. Man at that moment
had four children, and literally went crazy with problems – like
family to survive in such conditions. And when he woke up, there were
computers, mobile phones, shops literally bursting with
abundance, and in his family there were already 11 grandchildren. But all the more
Yana was struck by the abundance of food in the country
really wake up in a happy future …

Shoot your disease

19 year old British man named George suffered from a rare disease –
OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). It was awesome
a boy, an excellent student, but at the same time he was terribly afraid
microbes, why hundreds of times a day they washed their hands, periodically took
shower, but all this did not reduce his fears, and therefore
of suffering.

In 1988, George told his mother that he could no longer
live on that one, without attaching meaning to him, jokingly
advised her son to shoot himself. The young man did so –
I went down to the basement of the house and shot myself into the mouth with a rifle. Surgeons
fought for his life for several hours, retrieving pieces of bullet from
left brain. And the young man – survived, more than that – he completely
got rid of OCD, as if he shot his illness. Further
George returned to school and successfully graduated from college …

Rescuer ants

A resident of North Carolina USA Joan Murray in 1999 fell
from a height of almost five kilometers, since her parachute did not open,
but a spare scared 47-year-old woman remembered only then
when to the surface of the Earth was only 200 meters.

But … Joan was lucky: she landed in a huge anthill,
with the fire ants who immediately pounced on
the destroyer of their house that fell from the sky. However, thanks to them
the beat of a woman’s numerous bites was sustained
heart and nerves were stimulated – this allowed her to wait
medical care.

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