Incredible cases in medical practice

Incredible cases in medical practicePhotos from open sources of

Despite the fact that some people die even from a cat scratches or extruded pimples on the face in medical practice quite a few cases are fundamentally opposite, that is, when people survived, with virtually no chance. That’s how it says to whom what is written on the family …

Wake up in a happy future

This case is not so unique in terms of human survival, how interesting is quite different. Due to a serious tumor brain, Polish railroad worker Jan Гebowski in 1988 fell into a coma and woke up … in a wonderful future.

Doctors believed that a 46-year-old man simply would not survive, however years passed, and starting in 1992, Jan’s brain sarcoma became gradually decrease, so after 15 years, namely in In 2007, the patient finally came to his senses.

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In 1988, when Jan became seriously ill, Poland was going on something terrible: complete devastation, a serious economic crisis, cold, hunger, constant strikes of workers. The man at that moment had four children, and literally went crazy with problems – like family survive in such conditions. And when he woke up, there were computers, mobile phones, shops literally bursting from abundance, and in his family there were already 11 grandchildren. But all the more Yana was struck by the abundance of food in the country. really wake up in a happy future …

Shoot your disease

19 year old Briton named George suffered a rare disease – OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). It was awesome guy, an excellent student, but at the same time he was panicky afraid microbes, which is why I washed my hands hundreds of times a day, periodically took soul, however, all this did not diminish his fears, and therefore suffering.

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In 1988, George told his mother that he was no longer able to do so. live, to which she, without attaching importance to his words, as a joke advised her son to shoot herself. The young man did just that – went down to the basement of the house and shot himself in the mouth with a rifle. Surgeons fought for his life for several hours, extracting fragments of a bullet from left hemisphere of the brain. And the young man – survived, moreover – he is completely got rid of OCD, as if he had shot his disease. Further George returned to school and successfully graduated from college …

Rescue ants

North Carolina resident Joan Murray fell in 1999 from a height of almost five kilometers, since her parachute did not open, and the frightened 47-year-old woman remembered the spare only then when only 200 meters remained to the surface of the Earth.

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But … Joan was lucky: she landed in a huge anthill, moreover, fire ants, who immediately attacked the destroyer of their house that has fallen from the sky. However, thanks to them numerous bites in the body of an American woman kept beating hearts and nerves were stimulated – this allowed her to wait medical care.

For two weeks, the unlucky paratrooper was in a coma, but she survived escaped, as they say, with a slight fright. True since then more I didn’t risk parachuting …

Pierce your head with an iron rod and … survive

And here on the 24-year-old Indian guy Mohammad Gooddu, who worked as a builder in Mumbai, in 2016 from the height of the fourth floor fell a piece of iron reinforcement and struck his head.

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Doctors who performed surgery for five hours extracting an iron rod from the head of a young man, were struck by the fact that he did not hurt the vital components of the brain, to for example, an artery, passing, as they say in medicine, through it non-equivalent area. Dr. Batuk Dier performing this operation did everything possible so that the guy survived, but predicted that his patient will still be left paralyzed. However, after three months, Mohammad Guddu completely restored functions of his body as if nothing had happened to him scary.


And there are many such cases in world medical practice. For instance, extreme situations are no less interesting when people who do not have even a medical education, they themselves successfully performed operations, more often than not with a penknife or even a kitchen knife. But it is already topic of another article on the amazing abilities of man, data to him either by Nature or by God (to whom is closer) …

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