Incredible Jailbreak

A photo from open sources In South Korea, a prisoner nicknamed “king of yoga” escaped from prison through a transmission hole food. The size of the window that opened the way for 50-year-old Cab Choi Bok to freedom, is 15 by 45 centimeters. Yoga whose height is 165 cm, and weight – 52 kg, managed to escape another September 17th. “He moved flexibly like an octopus,” the investigator said after watching video from surveillance cameras. All three cops carrying in that day duty, asleep, reports The Korea Times. Kab Choi Boka discovered after six days of intense searches on the roof of a residential at home. He was hiding in a cardboard box. Returning yoga to prison, guards order did not begin to repeat their mistake and placed him in a cell with a much smaller food window. The fugitive states that fled to prove his innocence in the incriminated him crime – theft. However, it is known that immediately after he left prison, “king of yoga” stole a car and stole a credit a card. This is the second escape of Kab Choi Bok – 22 years ago to him managed to escape through the bars of the prison bus. For all my life the “king of yoga” spent about 23 years in prison.

“King of Yoga” escaped from prison by Terraink

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