Incredible rainbow clouds appeared over Peru

Incredible rainbow clouds appeared over PeruPhoto from open sources

November 18 this year over the Peruvian city of Lamas incredible rainbow-colored clouds appeared that looked like something from a children’s cartoon or sci-fi movie.

Local photographer David Alvarado captures amazing an anomaly on a professional camera and hastened to share received frames with users of the World Wide Web. According to men, he was so shocked by the sight that opened to him that not immediately guessed to film him. But, fortunately, still managed to do it …

A photo from open sources

Skeptics do not deny that it looks truly amazing however, they believe that there is nothing supernatural here. This, by in their opinion, the so-called pearl clouds, which formed in the stratosphere at an altitude of 15-25 kilometers. because of of great height they, they say, get sunlight right from space even when in the region of the planet over which they appear worth the night. Other regulars on the Web are sure that speech it’s still about something unusual – for example, about the tricks of aliens or the portal that opens to another dimension.

A photo from open sources

Do not discount the theory of intelligent clouds, add the third. And according to her, clouds can give people signs, line up with certain characters, just perform some kind of unknown tasks and, possibly, even amuse ourselves. That we used to explain everything scientifically – this is nothing more than a game of the human mind, which has nothing to do with the true the device of the world …


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