Indian fisherman captured a strange “mirage” on sea ​​horizon

Indian fisherman captures the strangeA photo from open sources

An unknown Indian fisherman was fishing in the ocean when suddenly I saw a strange pink glow on the horizon.

One would think that the sun was setting, however it was shining was at that moment on the opposite side of the sky. The surprised man took out a mobile phone and captured alleged anomaly on the gadget’s camera. Including submitted Below the video, you can see it with your own eyes.

But what could it be? A bizarre mirage? Amazing atmospheric phenomenon? Second sun? If you look closely closer to the mysterious frames, you can see how the glow shimmers and changes its shape from rounded to angular. Obviously that the sun cannot behave like that. At certain moments in the background a reddish radiance appears a large large dark shadow, which it is also impossible to find a rational explanation.

Record flew around many foreign sites dedicated to various phenomena and mysticism, collecting thousands of comments: from the utmost skeptical to admired and excited. Usually the most those miracles are taken to heart faced with something inexplicable and abnormal. And here is what interestingly, there are a lot of such people on the Internet, which leads to the idea that we live either really in a matrix, as claimed even the famous billionaire Ilon Musk, whether in a world that is far not material, or rather, far from the way we scientists impose from early childhood, forcing us to live in an illusion invented by someone …

India sun

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