Indian man cures obesity and cancer

Many people want to lose weight, for which they go on a diet and start do sport. However, all this becomes unnecessary if you go through course of procedures at Dzhigar Shah from Ahmedabad. Indian says that can provide the client with weight loss solely with their vocal chords.

According to him, in this way he can cure hypertension, depression, asthma, kidney failure and even rid a person from cancer.

“IndianA photo from open sources

According to Jihar, his vocal cords can emit ultrasound that provides “high frequency massage” and penetrates under the skin surface to a depth of 5 centimeters. The undoubted advantage for a man is that the human ear is not can distinguish such high frequencies. In this regard, when the Indian opens his mouth and says that he emits ultrasonic waves, it remains only to take his word for it.

“Leaving the surrounding tissue intact, ultrasound therapy reduces fat content and provides weight loss, ”says man on how his technique works – The goal is fat a layer of skin in which, under the influence of sound, they begin to be released triglycerides that trigger the fat burning process. ”

While experts are very skeptical about the method Indian, it seems that people are actually losing weight with his help. If believe the section “Success Stories” on the Jihara website, some of his customers lost about two kilograms of fat in just two days, for others, waist size decreased in just five minutes.

One patient reports that a five-minute session of Jihara successfully destroyed ten centimeters of fat in it. It happened 7 March 2013 in his hometown of Ahmedabad.

Jihar even became a member of the popular talent show, where struck the judges with his skill. During his speech, a man wrapped his arms around his mouth, aiming at the woman’s belly, after which he hands began to vibrate. Naturally no one could hear anything but this did not diminish the spectacle of the performance.

The few gestures that followed were so strange that just stunned the judges. At some point, the man began to try imitate martial artists by forcefully pushing air to their stomach women. When she opened her eyes, she stated that her tunic had become on her freer.

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