Indian teen hit the internet with flexibility of your body

Indian teenager struck the Internet with the flexibility of his bodyA photo from open sources

Fifteen-year-old Jasprith Singh Carl, living in the northwest the Indian state of Punjab, has become famous throughout the Internet, demonstrating amazing abilities to network users of your body.

A young man is able to bend in a way that he probably can’t no one in the world. Of course, on Earth there are many individuals with similar abilities, however, twisting joints as Jasprith, hardly anyone else can. For amazing flexibility Indian schoolboy nicknamed “rubber.”

The videos posted on Youtube show you as an Indian, like an owl, he rotates his head at an angle of one hundred and eighty degrees, touches the back of the head to the feet, crawls through the tennis ring rackets and does a lot of other incredible things. According to Jasprith’s words, he was not born so flexible, but still had some physical advantages over peers. At five, he on his own initiative began to develop his body, achieving for a decade of impressive results. The schoolboy told reporters that the first years of training brought him a monstrous pain, but now he does not feel it at all and can calmly crawl into any hole no less than the diameter of your head.

Book Representatives Reportedly Interested in Book Representatives Guinness World Records who wanted to see it with their own eyes ability and, possibly, to add his name to a famous publication.


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