Indian woman married five brothers

Indian woman married five brothersA photo from open sources

Western journalists talk about happy a Swedish-Indian family of one woman and five men. Without the slightest conflict, the brothers divide one wife into everyone, reports the Daily Mail. 21-year-old Rajo Verma lives in one a room with five men. Every night she changes partners, however not one of them is jealous of her to the others. A woman has a baby who will soon be one and a half years old, but she does not know which of five husbands is his father.

This situation will seem, to put it mildly, strange to any resident Western countries. However, in the village of Dehradun, located in the north India’s tradition of marrying the brothers of its first spouse rooted back centuries.

Rajo and her chosen one Guddu married in all Indian rites four years ago. Since then, the girl managed to marry 32-year-old Baiju, 28-year-old Sant Rama, 26-year-old Gopal and 19 year old Dinesh. The latter married Rajo as soon as he turned 18 years old. According to the five spouses of the girl, they are all live in one big family and do not experience each other negative feelings. Rajo also says that for her all husbands are equal.

Previously, cases when a woman married several men were widespread in India, however today this a few respect the tradition. Basically, this kind of polygamy practiced in areas where there are significantly more men than women. As a rule, such families are easier and more successful than others to manage with agriculture.

According to Rajo, she knew from childhood what she’d have to do, since the girl’s mother was married to three brothers at the same time. However, a resident of Dehradun does not complain: according to her, she receives five times more love and attention than most married women. Maxim Dinkevich


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