Indian Yogi dispenses with food and water for 70 years

A photo open source Indian resident named Prahlad Jani says that he has not taken food and water for more than 65 years, but doctors cannot verify his statement. “We do not check his allegations. We are interested in the abilities of the human body to endure extreme conditions, “the source said. According to him, the old man was placed in a private hospital in the city Ahmedabad is April 22 and has since been under round-the-clock supervision of employees of the Defense Institute of Physiology and related sciences. Doctors confirm that over the past eight days he’s nothing I didn’t eat, drink or fulfill other natural needs. “The most it’s amazing that his kidneys excrete urine in small amounts, but he doesn’t cope with need, she just dissolves somewhere. Normal a person in such conditions will die from intoxication in a few days, “said Gupta. Photos from open sources

He added that Janie did not lose in the eight days of the experiment. weight, feels good, gets up, walks around the ward, communicates with by people. “The results of the study can form the basis of the program preparing soldiers to survive in drought, highlands or during a flood when there is no access to clean drinking water “, – said a spokesman for the military laboratory. Experiment will be continue for about a week, after which scientists will need several months to prepare the final report. Within they will conduct a number of analyzes, including structural features of the Jani mitochondrial DNA. This is the second study of the body of yoga. In 2003, Jani was under medical supervision for ten days.

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