Indigo Children in Russia – Tales of Yaroslav and Vladika

Once I received from L.V. Pazder parcel post with tape recorder cassette tape. It turned out to be a long-promised recording of an interview with Yaroslav and Vladik, who answered my questions. They talked about their abilities and their perception of the world. We have not yet met personally succeeded: too large distances between us, and material the possibilities of the teacher of a modern university, alas, do not allow take it and go easily wherever you want, as it was in the Soviet time. Indigo Children in Russia - Tales of Yaroslav and VladikPhoto from open sources Record (January 2006): Yasya: – To me eleven years. Vladik: – And I’m ten. Yasya: – I was still small, three to four years, and we played with Vladik on the couch. All of a sudden out of nowhere a large purple ball appeared. I told Vlad that I see the ball, he asked: “Where?” – and scared. After that I became see different small balls around. Mom: – Frightened or anxious at were you – No, I was calm, not scared a bit. Not I understood why Vladik was suddenly scared. – You wanted to play with with this ball or what did you want? – I stood on the couch when he formed from space. He was bigger than a soccer ball, it had rough edges. The color is purple, dense, not transparent. A then he just disappeared. After that I saw a lot of them. I even I liked it when they flew around me, and I played with them. Catching and hold, then open the handles – they fly out. – When they appeared? When do you want, or did they come? – They all time were in the room. – You should have included others eyes, or did you immediately see them? “I don’t remember that.” I think I didn’t even have to turn on other eyes. I saw them all the time. It is especially clearly visible in the light – both from the sun and from the lamp. – A when it’s dark, saw? – Yes, you can also see. But I see besides them also colored dust. – Tell me more about this. – When I was smaller, I called it dust. They are in the form of small colored dots. At first I saw only blue and green. At night, I loved with how to play them. I lie and make houses with them, balls I ride. Then I also made balls out of this dust and said to myself so that they fly to the person I want. And they flew away. And the man was recovering, becoming kind and cheerful. So it was possible to make different figures. Mom, I sent you all sorts hearts. Then you got up in the morning and said: how good I slept well … – Yasya, how did you know that you have a mentor? About tell a mentor named Maria. – First I heard a name Marina. I have not seen how she looks. You told me to looked at her appearance at night, and this is probably my guardian angel. I I fell asleep, concentrating and asking me to show a mentor. That was until December 26th, before my birthday. I asked which she, and they showed me the icon of the Virgin. – Remember how she told you helped? – For example, in the 4th grade I didn’t remember the exercise well, and, Of course, they called me to the board. I stand and think I’m over! And here I Maria says: “You are not finished. Listen well and write, only not add on your own, otherwise you’ll write exactly what’s horrible. And I wrote all at five. “What did her dictation look like?” – It was a voice in my ears, feminine, nice. But there were many different cases. Remember we ran in physical education in 4th grade, and the guys asked me to have a lesson ended faster, and we would stop running. We still ran 4 minutes, and then the bell rang. – So you squeezed the time … – Yes, probably. And also … When I’m late to the “art”, I go, I think, to me cap. And I dream: Maria, let’s stop time. She – come on! Only don’t look at the watch, otherwise it will go away. Came – time is running out. Looked on the clock – it went again. I’m not late. But sometimes still late, but it is very rare. – Tell me how to protect you. Mother of God? – There was one case when people came to our home for treatment different people. Maria once says: hide, it seems bad here wound up. I hid under the covers with my head. Then to me maria says: Yasya, everything is fixed. Then it was like that … – From what did she save you? From entities or from negative energies? – Maria said it was a small entity. Budded from someone. Maria did not specify. – And remember, there was a case about an alien … You need to talk about them so that you can defend oneself. – Yes, I remember this incident. Once I lay down calmly sleep. Somewhere at one in the morning it seemed to me that I was already sleeping. Suddenly to the window a “plate” flew up and took me. Rather, she took my thin shell, and the body was left lying in bed. I saw him when looked around. And I ended up in this ship. I already It was initiated, and, probably, this protection helped me. Me easy released from the plate. I know this is a real ship. From him to a yellow-green ray came up to my bed and pulled me into the ship some kind of power. I found myself inside without any doors. Suddenly something exploded before my eyes, and I again found myself in bed, in my the body. “Wait, have you ever seen any faces?” Did not hear any votes? – Not. I only saw my golden around me field. It seemed to me that something flew into the ship, and I instantly found herself in bed. The next morning, Maria told me that they arrived aliens. – Stop! When you came to, you yourself asked a question or did Maria explain to you? – I myself asked what it was? She said: “We bombed this ship. It was me, two more angels and Olya’s guide “. – What Olya?” – This is a guide, a heavenly being, being. – Saint Olga? – Yes, saint. Can say they me saved. Maria said that these are very, very bad aliens. I remembered! Maria said they were “gray hunters.” Maria explained that they immediately felt trouble and immediately flew in. Yet Maria said I have two guards. And she said that they’re unlikely they’ll even fly here. Surely afraid. – The initiation played is there any role? – It was after December 26th. Probably it helped. After all, I had a golden field … – Tell me how will be Vlad – Maria said that Vlad will see “others eyes “from 9 years. – And you, Vladik, tell me what happened to you in summer? – When I went to bed in the summer, I still did not fall asleep. And suddenly transported into a great void, where there is nothing. I got information with the words “Great Void”. It was a leaflet with these words, which I saw when I closed my eyes. Yasya: – Once Mary suggested to me: do you want me to take you to paradise? I was surprised, it’s not easy, and not everyone can. But agreed. Maria said relax and do not open your eyes sharply, otherwise they will be bad effects. And suddenly I saw another body or soul. I took off and saw that I had a golden chain on my right leg. Thin and beautiful, she reached for my body in bed. And then Maria and I flew. She flew easily, but it was difficult for me to fly. To me I had to swim and overcome an obstacle, as if in water … Maria helped me, took my hand, and we got there faster. I’m in I remember very little accuracy. There is a blue sky, we stood on a beautiful countryman. Then, near us, she saw something like white arbors, and some people stood next to the chain. Maria said something about paradise and dead souls. In the gazebo in a white robe was waist-high woman. She was talking to souls about something. dead. Probably, it was decided here whether a person is worthy of paradise. But Maria I didn’t specify anything, and we went further. I saw beautiful trees, and there were even animals. – Look like ours? – Yes. But, probably it was the souls of dead animals. They are the same as on The earth. I saw a beautiful dog like a dachshund, golden pink. She just walked, ran through the grass. – There were any doors or what happened? – We went through the big golden gate. They are burst open. It looks like a royal gate. We went further and entered to the palace. There is a huge hall. Then someone greeted Mary. I I’ve seen this man before. They greeted each other with words. friend: “Good afternoon.” We went upstairs and opened the room. Maria she said that she would introduce me to the elements. The door opened, entered a woman, and Mary said it was the element of the wind. – And how is she looked like? – She was wearing a white transparent dress, like air, and the hair is light brown and gold. They diverged in different directions, as if fluttering in the wind. The woman also greeted me. We went to another room. The door swung open and there was water energy. Maria I was told: “This is the energy of water.” There was a girl sitting there and her dress went into the water, like long hair. Half of the body was in water, and it merged without a facet. She sat with a beautiful ball and was kind. Then they went through another door, there was a girl in the eastern suit, she sat in a lotus position, in one hand was blazing a red ball, and in another scepter, it all sparkled with fire, fire was not like ours, but pink-blue. Her face was red half mask, on the body a wrap of painted translucent fabric. Behind the third door was the element of air, the whole girl fluttered and spinning, she seemed to play with the wind. And at the fourth sat a girl in a dress of leaves, and autumn leaves were flying around her, her the dress was moving to the ground. Then my mother told me that, rather of all, they showed me the elements. So Maria introduced me to the energies – water, wind, fire, autumn. The man accompanying us said that You can’t be here for a long time. They showed me something else. I saw a bird very similar to a firebird. At some point I lay down on the grass and – woke up in bed. “The chain didn’t bother you?” – Not. With her more reliable. – And you, Vladik, also helped mentors? – Yes. once I was afraid of the control. And at night I dreamed of an old man – in long white hair to the shoulders, clothes from blue velvet, in the hands of a staff. He showed the solution to the problem on the money, as if we were in a store. Then I decided everything on the control. – How did you see the chakras? – I closed eyes and introduced the person (mom). I saw all six spots on the body – they were yellow, and showed exactly where they are. They look like kidneys. To see a short future, I closed my eyes and saw what would happen. Once my mother bought oranges – I saw them through a closed door the refrigerator. – And when did the dog Stepan almost die? – At the dog there was a heart attack, and I saw three faces nearby. These people have helped Stepan survive. – What do you think initiation is? – It reinforces connection with God. The “gray hunters” of such a person will not touch. I I see how mom works with energies. The energies are different. If hands in front of the heart chakra, then a golden thread goes up from the hands. AND the patient is enveloped in blue energy. – Yasya, and you are afraid to live on light? – It seems to be not. Vladik: – But I am afraid of catastrophes. – Tell about the indigo children. Yasya: – I see the aura of indigo children in the form violet blue color. Above Kolya – blue. Over Ilyusha – too. Not over all the children. It’s easier for me to talk to them. And with Sasha we used to be sisters … On this film ended, and then after to the cassette received a letter from Yasi: “Hello, dear Gennady Stepanovich. He writes to you Yaroslav. I want to write to you how I communicate with animals. I will describe the first case. Then I was still small, then German dog was still a puppy. We have just brought a German home. Well, I began to play with the puppy, roll him the ball. And the German is nothing and not understood. I even began to roll the ball with his nose, to show, and he still does not understand. Then I barked like a dog: “Nose ball katni. “I barked, putting this thought in, and the German answered me, too thought – “now,” said – and rolled the ball. I can also talking to cats. For example, with a cat Lushka. She is me very loves, even kisses me. When I go to the garden, she runs after me and asks: “Yasya, where are you going?” I answer her: “Just somewhere … “So she reassures me when I’m at someone offended. It flattens, purrs in its own way. And Lusha can come up and start waking me up. She says: “Yasya, get up, or else all day oversleep. “I hear her as if she were saying,” Yasya, I’m eating I want. “If I do not get up for a long time, she touches me with a paw:” Well, get up, sleepyhead, “and can say something else. I also have a dog Fire, he is very funny. When we walk, he runs past me and shouts: “Yasya, they ran with me!” And I answer him: “Run yourself, and I I’ll go on foot. “And Fire can also ask me to walk with him: “Ya, let’s go with me for a walk and take Tanya with us.” And I him I say let’s go well. The dog calls me to run and “eyes” and “thoughts.” And I tell him in words and thoughts. Fire thoughts are the loudest. I’m practically never mistaken when I’m talking to them, I see it from them that they or I’m each other understood correctly. We also have a mom cool translates their thoughts, we are We’ll just erase Vlad. For example, our dog Runs Motka, and Lushka lies on his road, he says to her: “Well, that is, fat woman, you don’t see, I’m running, “and Lushka replies:” Go away, turnaround, I rest “- and they start a brawl, and mom their skirmish translates, so cool, funny. And how many such cases, just I have to write a lot. In addition to communicating with animals, I have a lot of things interesting happens. I can communicate with the clouds, I can communicate with by the wind. I can ask him to blow or not to blow. With the clouds very interesting to talk to. You can ask them when it will rain. Also they can be asked to rain or not. It’s not boring with the wind he can tell me where to go, or where my friends hid. Or can tell where he was. With nature, clouds, wind I say about the same, only the forehead needs to be greatly strengthened, then the third the eye starts to hurt, and when I speak for a long time, sometimes it can vomit start. For example, you need good weather, I look to heaven, mentally imagine how the clouds are gone and already shining sun, and mentally ask: “Well, clouds, disperse.” Sun appears after a while, but then it can drag out again, it’s true, not right away, but when I’m already taking a walk. When I ask to help me to speak with nature some of the elements, it turns out better faster. For example, a tree can be cured by the elements of the Earth. Tree can also say, like our animals, that it hurts him or that a pen hurts him (a twig is broken). Then I put my pens on him the trunk, at first it’s cold, and then hot is done, it means – that’s enough. I also give Reiki energy to the flowers of the house, if they ask. But they seem to be a little greedy because they ask very often. Trees speak very loudly at the grandmother’s in the village of Antonovo, there beautiful pine trees. Vlad and I saw the Spirit of the forest there, he is talking with us, as if in the head. Vlad and I always have a pie for him put. Once, my mother got lost, and he brought her out. Mom said that she followed him almost to the village, and when my mother heard village dogs, he stood behind her and let her go alone, his mother thanked, and it was already dark, and he was as if in sparkles. I have there are five mentors in total. I’ll try to list them – this is Maria, Olga, Dima, Cyril and Michael. Olga is a conductor of measurements, and Dima, Cyril and Michael are the guards. Maria is usually nearby, and if leaves on business, then Olga remains with me. And with Dima, Cyril and I don’t communicate with Misha. My mentors are not old, they are young and very beautiful, I’m never scared because they say that if it will be dangerous, we will help. If I do my homework and I need to think with their own head, they are silent, on the contrary, they say – teach, but only I I teach, because it is necessary for teachers, what is written in textbooks. On the in fact, the earth was not created so, and people did not descend from monkeys “I know that for sure.” It’s just that you can’t talk about it at school. It is impossible about the elements, about nature, about how the sky is shaking, about mentors – you can’t talk about everything. Mom says, or else they’ll go to a psychiatric hospital. But when I grow up, I’ll say it all the same. Because Vlad will be President, and no one will dare to touch me. I, too, like Vlad, I can see the future, only I see it quickly. For example me doing something, and here the vision is short and quick. Now i I’m going to the sixth grade. Of the subjects, I like the story because we study ancient cities as we lived in those days. Most of all to me It seemed cool to study Ancient Rome and Egypt. I liked Rome that he has a good myth about the creation of Rome itself. Highly I liked the topic of Yuri Caesar, he was a great emperor. Egypt I liked the fact that there are a lot of puzzles, for example, pyramids, but I haven’t read enough about them yet. I like more Greece. And what interesting myths are there, especially about the gods! To me I liked to study them. And I also remembered the case at school: on for a break, I left the toilet and then a boy comes out in front of me heads and not small, but large, almost to the ceiling, and goes straight to washbasin, passes through it, and then through the wall. Before I’m at home at night, then I was 5 years old, I was already preparing for bed, I was going through I’m looking past the room, and there’s a man. He stepped somewhere in black the door-like opening has disappeared. Mom said this is the door to City of the dead. Later, her mother closed her energy. I have now thought forms are very fast. If I really want something very much – comes true. I want it to not rain, and in the morning it will be warm weather. But mom calls it a prediction of the situation and says that you can’t joke with the elements. It is necessary that the whole world is good, and not only me. And recently, we fought with her. There was a thunder it’s clear that it’s going to rain now, but I really wanted to go to the river, and I began to drive away the clouds. The rain stopped dripping, but then mom came out and she began to say that it was necessary to drink the garden and the forest, now it’s very dry. She put the knife on the ground and began to raid on him. I I stood behind and took the cloud away, the rain would either go or stop. Then my mother noticed me and drove me home. At home we laughed for a long time who is stronger. Mom is stronger. Till. I want to write more about Dasha, only I don’t know what to write, mom says that you will be interested everything, is that every day to describe, or what? Goodbye, Yasya Pazder. P.S. Sorry for not responding for a long time. A lot of work. First bird cherry was collected with friends, then it was necessary to play interesting to go through the computer, then we went to the river, I also at home running around, a bunch of cases. The Internet is also working with us, anyhow, it may not turn on for three, four days. Mom soon put a plate, then the inter will work cool … “Lily Valeryevna later shared: “Gennady Stepanovich, very interesting was to read your story about a girl who communicates with animals. I read the letter to the children. Vlad reaction: “Mom, what are we doing? Still can talk, it’s just that. “After that, Yasya sat down to you write a letter myself without pressure. But generally speaking with animals really simple. I would be a good zoopsychologist if not for communicated with them on the “telepath”. It is done like this. Create an image let’s say the sit command, you put this image in the center of the dog’s forehead, push it in, and then immediately create an image of how you feed it a treat. After that, say out loud what you want from her, and, of course, you actually feed. That’s it, fastening went. So I taught my children to communicate, and I once taught me granny. I remember summer, holidays, to me, a pighouse, about eight years old. All the girls ran down the hill for the mountain ash, and my grandmother doesn’t let me, science is interpreted. While “Grozny” (grandmother’s shepherd) is not in the booth will go without words, you’re not going anywhere. Pushed him somehow behind a fragrant piece of meat (imaginary), however, for a short time, only would get rid of my grandmother, and ran away. But in the evening I’m full The program worked the lesson. I’m coming back from the party, it’s already twilight suddenly from around the corner of the house a huge neighbor male comes out (furious was, sat on a chain – who passes by the house, roars, already foam from graze the spray). We were all afraid of him. Running out jogging, weed, bastard, sniffs. I braked, and he lifted his head, he saw me … Back to run – I know, it’s more expensive for me to yell – my mind was not enough. Stand at each other we are staring. I took a small step back, he contagion sweeping his face to the ground crouched down, I know: threat-attack – I already got wet between the shoulder blades it became, a perspiration on her forehead came out, a heart beating in her ears. And here he is He came at me, faster and faster, I feel now fall, my legs from fear they became weak. And I myself don’t know – in what instant I became a huge dog, to the roof, and yelled, growled … I don’t remember where he disappeared, woke up from the granny’s voice: “Well, why are you standing, got upset, go home, it’s getting dark already. “I had a pose in which I myself deliberately did not. Legs and hands are spread out, head is bent. Grandmother, I say, where is Baikal? “There, he fell into the hills, trades, go … “” Grandma, did you leave because I yelled? You heard, huh? Bab, I’ve almost been eaten by Baikal … “” You weren’t screaming, “but at the very a smile on his face … No, these are granny tricks to lessons like supposed to digest. She was obviously somewhere nearby; probably unhooked herself. By the way, about the “unhooked.” Having become a little older, and on Having “perfectly” mastered the installation of the image, I could argue with the boys remove from the chain even the most “abnormal” male. Done it simply. You get up in front of a dog, behind a fence, of course. Send her friendliness (in this case, the head should be very empty, no other thoughts), show her the way, how she runs, how there are many walking dogs there, how do you remove it for this from the collar and other charms … Well, who, tell me, will refuse to go for a run with a pack of dogs? Wait until the dog starts plaintively whimper with impatience – and that’s all, she’s yours … Sincerely, L.P. ” Later, another email came from Lilia Valerievna, in which she shared her observations on animals and by plants. I don’t want to go past such sketches – they add to us knowledge of our closest neighbors on the planet. “Gennady Stepanovich, in the journal” Heavenly Horseshoe “you published article “Plants think”, where in the end you suggest to share interesting facts of communication with plants and animals. On the rights dating offer their observations. First about Timoshka. This is a cat, reed coloring, very smart and a little strange. I will explain below why. In general, you know – we have 4 cats and 3 dogs: 2 rottweilers and Irish Setter. Of course, no chains, own estate, regular and proper veterinary care – “attendance is strictly required.” That is, everything is clean and well maintained. Timoshka seems to have come from parallel world. You cannot call it any other way. But it was so … B last year I drove a car along such a dense forest road that there is no wilderness. From the past couple of weeks ago, there were rain dry puddles, around the pine trees, even at noon there is twilight, the sun is not visible. My “Paw” is barely scraped out of potholes, good, front legs – leading, To the nearest village another fifty miles, this bypass road, transport on it practically does not walk, she is all overgrown. I go there once a year, in July: I travel for moss for patients. Every year as soon as I get out of there safely, I promise myself that I will look another place with moss, closer and friendlier … But … the next the year I am there again. Ether is pine there, like silver rays, light and slightly sticky, like electrophoresis. Meditate in that pine – one thing pleasure. And now I’m going to myself, “I’m not touching anyone”, in anticipation, that in an hour I’ll soak in the river and wallow in the sand, and here under the wheel darted some gray shadow, I clearly saw it – and, more from fright, sharply pressed the brake, mechanically, completely thoughtlessly. I’m sitting, I think that it could be. I decided that, probably some animal or big rat. Getting out of the car – nobody, empty, crushed nobody; stood, caught my breath, I think move on. Suddenly I hear – from under the wheels: “Piu …” I look, but under the left front wheel is a small lump, right next to the wheel, another moment – and would crush. Picked up a kitten … Where did he come from here? Around not a soul. Losing weight, as after the “Leningrad blockade”, the vertebrae can be counted, tiny, on the palm fit. Looked around, I think maybe the mother where nearby, “pokyskala” – no one. I got into the car, and this “pichuga”, as if already two lives in rides a car, is not afraid of anything, immediately climbed onto the panel, purred. I’m moving on, then the cat then got on my shoulders and so on until I sat at home. Of course, the river was immediately canceled. At home too – the impression is that he was already here, right to the cup, and then on sofa, slept for three days, with breaks for food and toilet. Here too interesting point: I didn’t show him a “toilet” hole, but he immediately went there, as if someone had suggested. Laundered, ate and became very nice cat. Once lay down on the sofa – something my heart was a little squeezed, although I am healthy: just, probably, a big gave a load. After yoga, immediately running and considerable, but that is not the point. My theme was sleeping on an armchair, and then I woke up, hushed up and climbed straight and lay down on my heart chakra. The impression was as if who clenched the fist in which my heart was – immediately the pain disappeared. It became so easy. After this incident, Subject appointed himself “head physician.” – we began to call him. Because as soon as the patient comes to me comes, The subject runs to meet in a run, starts rubbing against the legs, purr in front of the patient to the couch mince and as the patient settles down, I don’t even need to scan, he’s going to bed right on sore spot of the patient. I’m starting a scan – for sure, here it is, problem. However, our Topic was treated to the point that it was very thin, it became smeared in sunflower oil. Had it for a while from close patients in another room until he regains consciousness. Looks like he did not have time to process negative energy. Like this wonderful cat with us. Others are also well done, “work”, but with lazy, and Subject – just the real “ambulance”. I will tell about plants. While there was no hospital, I led a reception at home. And there I have a lot of flowers. Once a patient was brought to me: a diagnosis – “bioenergetic punching of thin bodies.” The people call it: “Damage done to death.” Life force left him not just by the stream, and by the river. The fact is that if you did it “professional” sorcerer, then you can adjust the fields, if only not a year after the “backlog”. And the man was sick for the second year. But since he felt better after the sessions than without them, then he was taken to sessions. However, on December 31, the man died. But still for a month before his death, my flowers began to languish and perish for each friend. All exotics died, only unpretentious survived – Tradescantia, loaches, nothing happened to the golden mustache. Impression like my flowers were poisoned. From which the processes had time “take root”, so now they are gaining strength … “… I know there will be more letters, and the family story will all be replenished and replenished. And already in advance I’m very interested in how Yaroslav’s abilities will develop and Vlad, what else will they learn, how will they be able to use their extraordinary qualities, what will they become when they grow up? .. So I want to look into their future, to see adults who have taken place. I want to believe that they will be able to realize and fulfill the mission, for which they were born on Earth. If Nature and the Creator endowed them such amazing inclinations, therefore, they believe in them entrust important matters on the planet … However, from Lilia Valerevna too much to be expected – about her sensory and healing inclinations that grow almost exponentially, from time to time reports her fellow countryman, scientist Sergei Vladimirovich Speransky. She comes the time of wisdom, experience and deep knowledge. And all this is for the benefit of people … Gennady Belimov

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