Indigo children. Real stories-2

A photo from open sources

We continue our story about genius children.

Lim Ding Ven, Singapore

A photo from open sources

Remember what you did when you were 9 years old? Few will remember in these years, children go to primary school. But Lim Ding Ven in such Aged became the youngest iPhone app developer. His the creation of Doodle Kids allows you to draw on the screen with your fingers. Screen nullified by simple shaking.

Lim wrote a program for his younger sisters. Program not complex, and it doesn’t shock the programmers, if only Do not take into account the age of its creator. Lim owns six programming languages, in the piggy bank – 20 created programs and not going to stop there. His next creation for iPhone will be a game in the style of fiction Invader Wars.

Mahmoud Wael, Egypt

A photo from open sources

In 2009, the media wrote about the 11-year-old Mahmoud Vael received from Microsoft certificate of expert in information networks. From the age of three, the boy amazed everyone with his ability for a few seconds to multiply three-digit numbers in the mind. At 4 years old, he went to school, at 9 she graduated from high school and entered the American University of Cairo. To read technical literature on information technology, Mahmoud as early as 7 years old mastered English language, then French.

The latest information about it refers to 2013. Two years ago 14-year-old Mahmoud became the youngest C ++ specialist. is he passed certification in the multinational company Cisco Systems and received the right to teach at universities.

In an interview, Mahmoud said he did not set himself in the future grandiose goals, except to receive the Nobel Prize (!). At In this, the future laureate always specified that no matter how it developed life, he will always work exclusively for the good of Egypt.

Shofai Thobani, Pakistan

A photo from open sources

An 11-year-old expert recognized by Microsoft, of course, impressive. However, Mahmoud Wael is not the youngest. IN 2013 year Microsoft issued a qualification certificate to 8-year-old Pakistani native Shofay Thobani, and also not for beautiful eyes. The boy became interested in computers at the age of 3. Father, CIO Thobson Technologies, in every way encouraged the addiction of his son and after 2 years, Shofay entered professional courses for adults.

To get recognition from a worldwide corporation, Pakistani for 13 months created a complex system of domains and Internet protocols for which I received a certificate from Microsoft. Leadership learning about Aged Thobani, praised the phenomenon as phenomenal. Wherein representative clarified that the company does not track age applicants for certificates and no age there are no restrictions for them. So maybe they are still waiting for us surprises.

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