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The term indigo children was coined in the early 80s by psychic Nancy Anne Tapp. Writers and filmmakers appreciated the idea and began create fantastic books and films on its basis. But on earth and in fact, children appear who clearly stand out with their talents among their peers.

Russian Chinese woman Gordey Kolesov

In January 2015, 6-year-old Gordey became China’s number 1 star, winning the Talent Show and becoming the first foreign winner. The fact that the Russian boy speaks Chinese has already been enough to win the sympathy of the audience. And his language is not was academic, in his speech Gordey inserted idioms – turns, not meaningful, but that make the language alive. (Russian idioms: beat bucks, stay with your nose, fool around.) Idioms to learn a little, you also need to learn how to consume them, which is only available native speakers. So, in the vocabulary of Gordey – more than 500 Chinese idioms!

A photo from open sources

Gordey not only speaks, but writes in Chinese. Recall that Chinese writing is based on hieroglyphs. Lower threshold literacy in China is considered possession of 1,500 hieroglyphs, and for reading newspapers you need to know 3,000. This is not 33 letters of the alphabet. to learn!

In February 2015, Gordey took part in the first competition Chinese calligraphy solid pen. (Every Chinese character is this is a picture, hieroglyphs don’t write, they are painted.) Gordey won a prize audience sympathy. According to the jury, a Russian boy draws Hieroglyphs are better than many Chinese children. During the ceremony Award Gordey recited poetry of the 11th century Chinese poet Su Shi.

This alone is enough to count this boy extraordinary. It’s not in vain to characterize something super incomprehensible we use the expression “Chinese letter”. But Gordey’s talents are not limited to knowledge of the Chinese language and written language.

Polyglot, artist, chess player

Besides Chinese, the boy speaks English, French, Spanish and, of course, Russian. If you are not a 6-year-old polyglot Surprisingly, we add that Gordey is not deprived of artistic talents. In February 2015, at the competition of children and youth artistic creation “China – Russia” the boy won silver medal.

In the summer of 2014, Gordey began to study chess, in November at championship in Guangzhou won the silver medal, and in April 2015 – winner of the qualification chess tournament in Shenzhen, received the first rank. In May 2015, in Thailand at the championship of the world among schoolchildren Kolesov became the best among Russians in his age category and entered the world top ten. He also plays on guitar and the youngest in the world master for high-speed assembly of a cube Rubik.

Who is he and where from

Gordey was born in Moscow, but since early childhood lives in China. His father Evgeny Kolesov has been living in the Celestial Empire for more than 15 years, where he runs Optim Consult. Famous for the whole China Gordeya was invited to a free education in a closed school Guangzhou, where children from the families of the Chinese military and political elites. Both we and the Chinese hope that in the future Gordey will be one of those thousands of threads that will connect our two countries.

Luis Roberto Ramirez

Louis lives on the other side of the planet, in Mexico. He is older Gordeya, today he is 13 years old. But he is also a talent. At 5, Louis knew English, French and Chinese. At 11 he graduated from high school and entered for college preparatory courses (first step to university education). After 10 weeks, Louis turned to college management asking him to take exams. He handed over 47 subjects, and only one received 9 points, for all the rest – 10 out of 10.

A photo from open sources

Shocked teachers drove the boy through a series of tests and it turned out that Louis IQ at the level of Eyestein indicators: 152-160. The boy became famous for a short time. Reporters Louis told that his cherished dream is to enter Harvard and in further study quantum physics.

Unfortunately, to study at Harvard, in addition to brains, you must have another passport and money. Young Mexican genius by virtue of his I haven’t gotten documents yet, and Louis’s parents are not so wealthy to send his son to study at prestigious Harvard. Taking the moment, they turned to the American embassy with requesting the boy to receive an American student visa there promised to think. As for the funds, the authorities of the native state Michoacan promised to help Louis get an education. If the US authorities refuse the boy, the Mexican Einstein will study in Mexico City.

Every child is indigo

Gordey and Louis are undoubtedly unique children. However every child if not brilliant, then talented – for sure. Search in your child Grain of talent and grow carefully. And when talent flashes diamond, everyone around you will say: “Indigo!” Well, let them be so they think.

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