Indigo Children: Their Spirituality, Imbalance and predisposition

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Some babies are prone to all spiritual. Often there are cases of special awareness of such children in esotericism. How they know this is not known. Probably, it is the karmic memory of a past life. It is known that esotericism is the essence of all religions. Maybe these babies are born on this earth to bring new knowledge and ideology? Can to be here to make a spiritual revolution? Whatever was, these children in the future will bring a qualitative new integrated from all religions beliefs. In fact, children Indigo – our spiritual teachers who directly point to our mistakes in the spiritual and psychological plan. They are indicators of the correctness of our behavior and our behavior demand that we change!

Imbalance Indigo children are often unbalanced and impulsive. This behavior is contagious in itself, therefore parents need to set a worthy example for their children. Discovered that hyperactive parents have the same children. From this it follows that a person with hyperactive behavior needs constantly work on yourself so that the next generation is more mentally balanced. Hyperactivity Proved To Be Transmitted inherited, but this does not mean that this diagnosis should be treat with pills. There is also an unconventional way medicine that gives positive results. Sensitivity of Indigo Children Being very sensitive and vulnerable, Indigo children are often closed, unsociable and this aggressive. They often do not have a relationship with their peers and often such people remain unclaimed until the end of his days. In the 80s, such people were mistakenly given the diagnosis of autism and prescribed a whole course of treatment, which is certainly traumatized the psyche of people of this type. Often such people commit crimes, trying to be like everyone else, and as a result they end up in jail. In fact, Indigo children always know what they want and who they are, and are not at all embarrassed to tell you about this, but it is the stereotypes of this world that interfere with such personalities develop. There are times when Indigo children communicate with angels, saints etc. – and this doesn’t bother people of the new generation, only persistent conservatives, accustomed to “treat” such cases with psychotropic drugs and corrective colonies. The main problem for others from these children is their hyperactivity. Indigo children are not able to learn from generally accepted pattern, their optic and auditory nerves do not conduct information in a way that allows them to learn, they rather perceive information than perceive it. The question remains: how the Indigo world will look when all the people on earth will represent a new race? Is it possible that all people on earth will possess unusual abilities? Apparently a new one will come on our land a dimension where people can speak without saying a word, where everyone will have access to all the knowledge about our earth and the universe, where each person will lead a divine existence without overshadowing your life not a single negative thought. Is it really that foretold in the great Tibetan book of the Abhidharma? “And turn mortal people in celestials, where they will live forever … ” So … we someday in the near future we will possess divine abilities!

Transition to a new dimension Now, in our time, there is a painful transition from one dimension to another. All more people in the world take antidepressants because in their inner the world is still dominated by the elements of envy, greed, fear, rivalry. People instinctively cling to the old, not realizing that the ever-turbulent rival world is being replaced by peace warm, sincere, good neighborly relations. Psychics around the world portend that soon the telepathic abilities of people will develop so much that a lie will become simply impossible, and in a new new rules and concepts will reign in the world. people of indigo.

Recollections of the past life of Indigo children It is proved that All children under four years old come up with memories of a past life. At Indigo children, these memories are especially clear. Child claims that he came up with a story he had just invented, but he talks about specific historical events, places, people. Where from these children can know such exact facts if nobody said that? I recently read a story about how one a two-year-old girl, waking up early in the morning, threw a tantrum that she needs to go to New York and that she has a daughter there and she herself – actress. This went on for 3 days until they invited the psychic, who established that a girl in a past life really was an actress who died in a fire. Adult girl explained this phenomenon and, oddly enough, the girl stopped talking about mention this. Extraordinary children often wake up in Indigo abilities such as auric vision, reading thoughts, communicating with entities, etc. This fact, of course, surprises scientists a lot, but now people relate to this phenomenon with understanding.

Indigo Children Life Reincarnation

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