Indigo children. Who are they?

Indigo children. Who are they?A photo from open sources 95% of children born, as scientists have proved, have DNA different from ours. Some people think these are children. new generation. And others consider them mutants. Why indigo? it the word was put into circulation by researchers studying paranormal phenomena and abilities. When examining the aura of children, scientists noticed that color she has a dark blue, which is often called indigo. Abilities of indigo children

It is believed that indigo children are very extraordinary people, very different from our view of children. From an early age these children carry various abilities and talents, as well as difficult or unexplained phenomena. They are able to talk about the fate of the world, have leadership talents. This is the main reason, not allowing you to apply education to them according to the accepted template. The abilities of indigo children can be varied. Some with From early childhood, toys attract the eye. How to play send them back in the same way. Some with thought bent aluminum cutlery. Some read other people’s thoughts. Research results

According to research, the range of electromagnetic waves, outgoing from indigo children, ranging from 3222000 Hz to 11350000 Hz. This number is three times the number of vibrations, coming from an ordinary person. These children use two for work. the hemisphere of the brain is three times the size of an ordinary person. it geeks. This ability is reflected in their activities. But such abilities do not pass in vain. Some children do not live to see of adulthood. The suicide rate is 2-3 times higher than among ordinary children. The mortality rate of indigo children is more than 90%. Children indigo have perfect immunity. The following case is known. In the early 90s, HIV-infected parents were born an infant who also had the disease. After appearing on After a year, doctors confirmed the presence of this disease in the child. A at the age of six, no blood was found in the child’s blood traces of HIV. Scientists are interested in this phenomenon. Doctors examined baby’s cells for susceptibility to viruses and found that the cells remained healthy.

Indigo Kids DNA

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