Indigo monster children spawned by a mangled ego

Indigo Monster Children Spawned by a Distorted EgoA photo from open sources

For several decades we hear imposed on us new age term indigo children. Allegedly this is a special category people coming (or being born) on our Earth and carrying people pattern of a new person, person, new world and new thinking.Children with superconsciousness and different are still for us paranormal, abilities. Many scientists, teachers and just concerned people interested in researching such phenomena dedicated to the study of these children. In different cities, in schools or training centers have been opened in many countries of the world the study of this phenomenon. The phenomenon turned out to be ambiguous. Difficult to adapt in a normal environment, children behind whom recognized indigo syndrome, were not only isolated and extremely aggressive towards people who do not share these views, but also extremely avenging and prone to sadism. “My daughter bought a kitten. I am very proud that my indigo daughter and all the difficulties in raising her now attributed to her “uniqueness.” What I would not have used before did (we have a small apartment and an allergic grandmother), then with diagnosed by my indigo daughter automatically translated into her arrows are “can and must.” The kitten, white and small, was touching handsome. But the daughter was asked to follow him and change filler in a box and feed the kitten. After three days we are with when they came home from work, they saw the kitten strangled. Shock from the deed daughter could not be passed. Trying not to yell at her, almost in a whisper, the son often made at home toys reminiscent of Robots. Some of them were moving. We showed toys to our friends and always stressed that he is unique with us, that he indigo. Two times a week, the son went to a circle of creativity for especially gifted in the center “I-indigo.” If teachers at school talked about the impossibility of cohabiting our child among classmates, then in teachers talked about the undoubted talents of our son at the center. uniqueness. That the son could easily make out the necessary things in apartment, ceased to worry us. Blurred Japanese transistor-garbage, if only the “genius” had materials for his designs. But one day, indulged in this way by us, the son unscrewed some screws in our wheelchair neighbor, and he, when he descended from the floor in it, fell out and seriously damaged spine: For a person who is already leading a terrible fight for your life, this was the last point of strength. hospitals, a person who is now unable to even move in a wheelchair, and only lie, committed suicide, swallowing pre-stored pills. When our son found out about this, he said: “Why so live at all? “My friend recently turned 16. Always regretted her, because in the family her relatives did not have enough attention to her never at anyone. Parents are really obsessed with money. They are divorced. and most of Valentina’s life, parents found out who was to blame for the collapse of the family. This girl decided to fall in love. Although love is her concept is rhetorical. She fell in love with everything a little corresponded to her ideas about pleasant boys. But it was this one got her like a general victim. Moreover, the pressure character none of her potential victims liked the girl. Kill the brain she knows how to quality. The complete legacy of her mother’s character or the result of her “indigo” is hard to say. So the one who is defined by her was a victim, dodged it as best he could. Valentina let everything go possible methods of persuasion. By inviting a guy to him, supposedly for help in transportation of things of the elder sister, then pouring him a drug (father a doctor, she couldn’t find the appropriate drug with her brains labor), the girl put the guy to bed and walked safely defloration with a little thought boy. And then the thing started interesting. Constant blackmail that if you do not do what I I’m commanding you, then I’ll put you safely. I’m 18 already, this blackmail I almost drove him into the noose. Story about “turkey poults” and their tricks can be continued indefinitely. Indigo centers have accumulated data according to the tricks of these children as in the children’s rooms of the police. children who came to crack our stereotypes, possibly wrong, illusory, but bringing so much hacking into fates, more like gangster tricks. endured the realities of our reality and become cruel and cynical, heartless egoists. Or maybe they were conceived so ?! Now they talk and write a lot about the so-called indigo children, which began to be born at the end of the twentieth century. So who are they such indigo children? The phrase “indigo children” appeared after of how the aura of these unusual children was examined. It turned out that, unlike other people, they have a dark blue color – indigo. American psychologist Lee Carroll in shape, size, the color and intensity of the glow of the aura determined that indigo in its mental abilities and stock of knowledge far exceeded not only peers, but also their own parents. Home is the peculiarity of these children is that, despite their young age, they are already discussing their great mission on Earth. Geniuses and villains If originally the Indigo children were a personification genius and spiritual purity, then over time the world started talking about them, as about “anti-indigo”, about the “fiends of hell.” According to psychologists and specialists studying such children, indigo are divided into two categories: geniuses and villains, and there is no middle ground here! Moreover some indigo villains see their mission only in to cleanse the Earth of human “garbage”. But how? Most of these children, even though they are still small, there is already a stable inner world. In their opinion, if if a person is bad, then you just need to destroy him. And they destroy! ABOUT education of these children do not have to say at all – they him just don’t give in. For indigo there are neither authorities nor the law, nor those who stand guard over it. And if you still resort to the upbringing process forcibly, then even “mediocre” kids will be the real fiends of hell. Are told anti-indigo parents Most of all about these fiends of hell can tell their parents. For example, a three-year-old baby with the strength of an adult, breaks everything that comes to hand. On the remarks of parents reacts with the same phrase: “I’m all of you I’ll kill everyone equally. “And after a while the father of this child died under rather mysterious circumstances. Despite the fact that the culprit of this incident is not installed, the wife of the deceased is not at all no doubt what’s the matter. She is sure her son is unearthly creature, and gets colder with horror when he looks right into her eyes some strange unblinking look. Another woman, Valentine, Igor began to be afraid of her offspring from the age of 4. is he possesses the same incredible strength for his age. Sometimes she there is even a feeling that this is not a child, but an adult man. This was felt both in his gaze and in his actions. Igor could pinch Valentina, as well as her friends by the chest or slap in the ass and at the same time rudely burst out laughing in a low voice. Once even a woman stated that she was afraid that he would someday rape her. And when Igor went to first grade, then somehow inexplicably punished the teacher who remarked to him. With an unknown diagnosis and at a temperature of 40, she was in intensive care. Nadezhda Sergeevna brings up his daughter alone, and even while working on three works. One “fine” day, she, tired, came home from work and asked Dasha to make her tea. Daughter diligently performed her request and filed a cup of tea. Barely touching the cup lips, the woman felt some strange taste. TO fortunately, something woke Nadezhda Sergeevna to quietly drain tea, which she did. At the bottom of the glass was a thick layer dissolved rat poison. Due to the fact that indigo children practically do not cheat, quickly managed to find out that the girl promised a friend to poison her mother, so that after her death they lived together. The true fiends of hell So indigo children know about their special mission, and if during its implementation on their way arise obstacles, they simply remove them from their path. For achievement indigo do not stop at nothing. About it evidence is constantly emerging in the media information: students primary or middle classes shot classmates and teachers. These children fulfilled their “mission” and, smelling blood can go on over corpses. New, but not yet officially the recognized science of indigology claims that all such children are indigo. There were so many such children that in many countries sounded the alarm. Their ruthlessness and cruelty are completely impossible to explain, she knows no bounds. So, statistics executions of students and teachers in American schools, and not only in American, speaks for itself. More initially school killers are set to kill as many of their peers. Having finished their bloody massacre, many of them They shoot at themselves, thereby preventing them from clarifying the motives for their actions. However, studies have shown that they most often kill without any motive. Here are just a few small examples. • March 2005 year. Red Lake, a city in Minnesota: 9 people killed, 15 injured. After fulfilling his “mission”, 15-year-old Jeff Wiesz shot himself. • November 20, 2006, the German city of Emsdetten. An 18-year-old man burst into his former school and opened fire on defeat. After shooting, the young man shot himself. IN 37 people were injured as a result of this bloody massacre. • November 2007 year. A student at a school in the Finnish city of Tuusula Eric Auvinen shot eight students, including the headmaster. When the police arrived, he opened fire on them. Last patron Auvinen shot himself in the head and subsequently died in the hospital. Eric pre-made the execution plan, which he gave name “Central strike”. Regarding the acquisition of the gun, then Eric was in a hunting club, was not convicted and had the right to acquisition of weapons. • March 2009. Young man dressed in camouflage, entered the school of another German city of Winnenberg and started shooting. Killed twelve people. Not calm, killer continued his bloody adventures in another place, having shot three more people. As a result, the offender was killed in a shootout with by the police. • 17-year-old schoolgirl from the city of San Diego (state California) soon after the Christmas holidays came to her school, took out an automatic shotgun and opened it over the students and educators fire. Eight children and one were injured that day. policeman, two teachers were killed. The killer girl stayed is alive. After the little maniac was arrested, she stated: “I hate Mondays!” As it turned out, this was her gun presented for Christmas. Opinion of specialists Previously existed the view that indigo children came to earth as messengers of God to help reassess spiritual values. Allegedly this is the main mission of indigo children. However, the Church does not agree with this. On her this account has its own opinion: uncontrollable, obsessed children are not gifted, but unhappy children of those people who committed too many sins. Now, for some reason, these children positive then negative superpersonalities. Who and why hangs such labels on indigo? Here is the answer to this question: “Do not may God give grace to such a child – naughty, evil, irritable, crushing parents. And that means that these “gifts” are not from God, but from Satan. “” Most people are from the fatal step is stopped by universal principles, moral or biblical prohibitions. “Indigo Children – Really Existing a phenomenon, although still not recognized by official science. A it is simply necessary to study them, if only because anti-indigo recently began to “do the weather” in the criminal the world. How to resist them, how to defend against them? Psychics and clairvoyants are encouraging: the duration of indigo on Earth is short. You just have to wait and hope. Alexey Borovikov

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