Indonesian egg-laying teen surprised doctors

Indonesian egg-laying teen surprised doctorsA photo from open sources

Indonesian teen Akmal Rusli from Gova County a hospital with a very rare, if not unique, condition. The thing is that a 14-year-old schoolboy … lays eggs, just like a bird or reptile! At least, so says the young a patient.

Surprised doctors first wanted to write the guy a direction to psychiatrist, however, the father stood up for the young man. He swears that his son actually bears eggs, and since 2016, the teenager laid exactly 20 pieces. When this began to happen too often, the schoolboy’s worried parents and took him to the doctors.

Akmal says he considers such an anomaly of his body illness and wants to get rid of her as soon as possible. In support of their the words the guy produced two eggs right in the hospital. But it’s all the same not convinced doctors. They believe that a young man is cheating surrounding, placing eggs in the rectum. However, for chicken they are not too similar, that’s true. Inside one of the eggs was only protein, and inside the other only yolk. Determine which animal they belong to, hospital staff cannot, yes and frankly, they don’t want to. According to them, human the body, especially the male, is fundamentally different from the body turkeys or turtles, and a human being lay eggs naturally not capable.

True, there is a theory that the human race arose through crosses of reptilians with humanoids, which is why the initial embryo human in the womb is like a lizard and has no genital signs. Is it really in this case, the teenager Akmal Rusli demonstrates a peculiar atavism, thereby confirming this a fantastic version of the origin of man? ..

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