Indonesian farmer claims his cow “hotels” with a turtle

Indonesian farmer claims his cowA photo from open sources

Amazing news from the Indonesian village of Hutabohu is gaining popularity on the internet. Local farmer from the province of Gorontalo claims that one of his pregnant cows gave birth at the same time the calf and animal are of a completely different species. Rimin Nggadu was very I’m glad when a healthy calf was born in his stable, however what happened next made the man horrified. In the amniotic fluid the waters turned out to be a small turtle, and alive!

Some say that a reptile could somehow crawl into the vagina of a cow, however, according to the owner of the animal, it is a real miracle, and artiodactyls in fact “calved” by a turtle. Many are of the same opinion. fellow countrymen Rimin. People come here from the surrounding villages to see with your own eyes this “miracle”. Even local officials praise what happened and call it “God’s will.” So, district the head of Hasni Lamanas said:

This is yet another proof of the greatness of the Lord. All in the world happens by his will, even the strangest and seemingly incredible events.

It’s hard to say how divine this “phenomenon” is, however where the skull appeared from feels rather well, because surrounded by care and attention much more than appeared along with her a calf …

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