Indonesian police photographed vampire

Indonesian police photographed a vampirePhoto from open sources

Who is this: a vampire, a ghost, a walking deceased or miserable, possessed by evil forces? Sinister below picture was taken a few days ago by indonesian police during the raid on the karaoke bar. Mysterious photo demonstrates a woman with dead-dark skin and luminous eyes. And such militiamen saw an image from nightmares in the most ordinary entertainment facility.

Despite such a frightening appearance, the alleged vampire sits among other visitors to the bar and seems to be smiling at the camera with some unnatural inhuman smile. The image instantly flew around the Internet, gathering many comments. Curiously, the terrible Indonesian scared not only users of the World Wide Web, but also law enforcement, staged a raid. Guardians of the law were afraid to approach a woman or speak with her because they feared that she might curse them. The police checked the facility for prohibited substances and quickly left him.

A photo from open sources

It happened in the town of Probolingo on the north coast Indonesian province of East Java. Perplexed the officers showed the photograph they received to a local specialist in areas of supernatural phenomena to Ahmad Hashim. He concluded that the woman depicted in this shot is really obsessed evil spirits. According to the expert, the evil lady could take possession of the body of a lady genie. However, how to help her, the police and Hashim do not know. But that law enforcement officers did not begin to figure out who it was, and even came up unhappy – right. At least that’s what Ahmad thought Hashim, but not all Internet users …

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