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Who loves porridge with butter, who dumplings with sour cream, but there is gourmets for whom there is nothing tastier than bolts, bulbs, bricks and other things that the ordinary person would never even think of. IN the Gold Rush movie, a gold digger tormented by hunger, played by Charlie Chaplin, ate his shoes. Of course when hunger cramps and death reduce the stomach, grinning, peering into door, a person is ready to eat everything in which there is at least a couple of calories. However, some people, being in a sober mind and solid memory, they eat inedible just because it’s just “high” for them. Пожиратель лампочек A photo from open sources

At 12, Chinese Wang Jun ate his first light bulb and since then for 40 years, light bulbs have been his favorite a treat. A month, Van eats 25-30 pieces, seizing them with porridge or bread. Relatives repeatedly tried to wean Wang from strange addiction, but “put on a diet” Jun became malicious, irritable, aggressive. However, after eating a couple of bulbs, turned back into a kind and affectionate, beloved by all Van. The wife once decided to take extreme measures and delivered an ultimatum: “Choose: either I, or light bulbs,” and as a result, was left without a husband. Today, a 56-year-old Chinese man performs in a circus and feels just happy: the circus administration not only feeds it at its own expense favorite delicacy, but also pays money for it. Камнеед A photo from open sources

30-year-old Indian Pacquirappa Hunagundi has been eating for over 20 years stones, sand, metal and just earth. “Products” takes on construction sites where the laborer works. Every day eats at least 3kg, washing down with a glass of water. To the persuasion of the mother replies that the stones are much tastier than even fried chicken and to refuse them is not going to. To the surprise of doctors, has a healthy digestive system and just perfect teeth. Recently, Pakkirappa began to think about the career of a pop artist and is already planning touring the country. I eat everything! Фотоfrom open sources

The ability to eat inedible objects Michel Lotito discovered at yourself at 12 years old. Started with glasses, then switched to rubber, plastic and metal. Pre-breaking into small pieces, Michel ate supermarket trolleys, bicycles, beds, televisions, candelabra, skis, robots and computers. For 2 years he is without a trace ate the Cessna-150 sports plane to the last screw, for which hit the Guinness Book of Records as Henry the Omnivorous. Until the last of his life, he ate indigestible, drinking everything huge the amount of water without complaining about either the stomach or lack of appetite. According to estimates of Lotito himself for 40 years, he “missed” about 9t through his stomach. metal. In 2007 Michelle is dead. Doctors who performed the autopsy noted that the wall thickness Monsieur Lotito’s stomach was twice as thick as that of ordinary people. So Michelle’s digestive tract for many years of “training” adapted to such an unusual diet. To the argument In 1966 year in the hospital of Juan Peson (Brazil) turned Antonio Pedro de Silva complaining of burping. During surgery from the patient’s stomach 22 blades, 280 nails, 2 handfuls of buttons and about kilograms of other metal small things. Come to life after operations de Silva calmly explained to doctors that in his youth often “for an argument” swallowed small hardware. Once he even swallowed hours, but the surgeon did not find any hours in the patient’s stomach. Antonio was very surprised and complained in the evening to his roommate that rogue doctors “clamped” the clock. Фотоfrom open sources

80-year-old Serb Branko Tsrnograts argued with a friend that for three of the day will eat a bicycle. By the end of the second day, Branko was taken to the hospital: he choked on the pedal. From the stomach of a pensioner-debater, doctors raked about a kilogram of metal products. According to Branco, for 20 years he ate 2,000 tablespoons, 2,600 plates, 6,000 music records, 12,000 plugs, about 25,000 light bulbs and 2 gold rings. Unlike the Brazilian, the Serb was lucky. No rings “dissolved” in the stomach without a trace, but were found, extracted and solemnly handed to the owner. But at the top of the pyramid, of course, is the ex-president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili, in November 2008 years chewing his tie in front of the eyes of the whole world. What they say Aesculapian scientists? Doctors in their opinions are absolutely unanimous. No need for a person to eat glass, iron, plastic and no other inorganic compounds. It is not only dangerous, but also absolutely useless. All these “delicacies” by the body are not assimilated and go out naturally in a constant condition. It happens that a person really lacks in any substances. (So ​​some women during pregnancy eat chalk – this is due to the restructuring of the body and is temporary.) But in the vast majority of cases, these problems are solved by the use of a complex of vitamins. If a person simply experiences an irresistible craving is inedible, this a consequence of features in the development of the psyche of a given individual. We will be condescending and tolerant, because this “feature” is absolutely safe for others.

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