Inexplicable again found in a lump of coal artifact

An unexplained artifact is again found in a lump of coalPhoto from open sources

This amazing find belongs to Dmitry Eroshkin from the city. Kyshtym Chelyabinsk region. Unloading bought for household needs coal, a man was surprised that one piece of this black fuel too heavy, and therefore broke it with a crowbar.

A photo from open sources

Inside was a metal object of a gray-matte color. An iron object, as Dmitry determined, since a magnet to it attracted, however in appearance this strange metal is least of all it looks like iron, moreover, it is somehow too good preserved …

But the main mystery, as always in this case, since artifacts in hard coal – although a rare phenomenon, it is far from single, it remains how such a strange alloy got into coal itself, which is at least 200-250 million years old.

A photo from open sources

Of course, this is only an assumption, since neither coal (its antiquity), no one studied the artifact found in it at the level modern science. Interest in finding Dmitry Eroshkin so far only individual independent researchers show. Academic science, as Internet users write in the comments, this is unlikely will be interested: she’s not even more serious finds in the corner favors and certainly does not want to draw any conclusions based on them, for example, the need to revise an established view of the history, origin of the Earth and the origin of intelligent on it life …

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