Inexplicable ball flying near the house American

An incomprehensible ball flew near the American's housePhoto from open sources

The video below was received on February 3 years in the Chatsworth area of ​​the American city of Los Angeles, state California. A local resident claims that the surveillance camera, built into the peephole of the front door of his house, captured, perhaps something supernatural.

At about 6 p.m., a motion-responsive device unexpectedly recorded a mysterious “visitor”. Whitish a translucent ball slowly floated through the air near the porch, then flew away, hiding from the field of view of the lens. More the alleged anomaly did not appear to appear.

According to the homeowner, he saw these shots for the next morning, watching the recordings from the camera. American was quite surprised and began to put forward various theories about the nature of the mysterious ball. The man believes that it could be a ghost, a drone aliens or some energy essence.

Of course, when the Californian posted an intriguing video in The World Wide Web, by no means all web users believed that before us is something that goes beyond the ordinary. According to skeptics, it’s just about an insect crawling along the camera lens and therefore turned out to be defocused.

However, watch the video and judge for yourself, but as they say paranormal researchers, this is something less than anything on the insect, the video is also without signs of installation. Turns out that the American did not in vain post this material on the Internet, it’s a pity, to learn the truth at the same time, apparently, it’s simply not given to us …

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