Inexplicable circles found in a dry lake near Area 51

Inexplicable circles found in a dry lake near Area 51A photo from open sources

Ufologists made another amazing find, considering neighborhood of the legendary American military base – Area 51 in Nevada. In the midst of a dry lake Grum Lake near the mountain The quartzite turned out to be an incomprehensible huge drawing on the ground. Coordinates Mysterious anomalies are as follows: 37 ° 29’16.1 “N 116 ° 13’41.7” W

The image is five perfectly even circles, inscribed with each other with equal indentation. There is no doubt the fact that this is a man-made object, it is not clear by whom and for what purpose deposited at the bottom of a long-gone reservoir. Researchers put forward a variety of theories of the origin of this strange drawing.

However, experts agree that the whole thing is for sure in the famous Area 51, located nearby. Maybe in front of us secret runway? Or giant circles were drawn are there representatives of extraterrestrial civilization? Alas, the answer to this the question we are unlikely to ever get.

A photo from open sources

But he is probably known to the American military, who, according to conspiracy theorists, not only captured the alien technologies and the body of the “green man” (or biorobot), but also made contact with the inhabitants of another celestial body. And you can just guess what the United States is doing with aliens …

However, do you yourself believe in all these “fabulous speculations”? Not is it wiser to assume that Zone 51 is just being developed secret technologies: the latest weapons, controls and crime prevention, like those shown in the movie A “dissenting opinion,” or something even completely different, but quite real and earthly …

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