Inexplicable circles in the sky above Vladivostok

Inexplicable circles in the sky over VladivostokPhoto from open sources

At least two perfectly even whitish rings arose in the beginning of this month over the 3rd Rabochaya street in Vladivostok.

Mysterious celestial circles of huge sizes were like clouds, however, it is obvious that in nature there are no such clouds. In addition, it could not be condensation marks from airplanes, since airplanes on a closed circular path simply do not are flying.

Of course, among some residents of the Far Eastern capital, who witnessed such an unusual phenomenon, rumors spread that that something strange happened that clearly went beyond mundane. The townspeople talked about aliens scattered across the sky chemicals and even spatial portals.

However, after some time the mysterious heavenly rings completely disappeared into the air, and the locals calmed down. By including the video below, received by one of eyewitnesses, you can see these circles with your own eyes.

What do you think it was? For example, there is a theory of reasonable the clouds. Maybe she is most suitable in this situation? Though because scientists in this case cannot explain anything, leaving the residents of Vladivostok at a loss. And not only them …


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