Inexplicable dark object freezes in the background the moon

An incomprehensible dark object hung on the background of the moonPhoto from open sources

At the end of last week, the inhabitants of the Indonesian province of Aceh became witnesses of an unusual phenomenon. In the evening, eyewitnesses noticed something amazing in the sky: a curved dark appeared against the moon huge object. Perplexed Indonesians Framed Their mobile phones and began to remove a mysterious anomaly. The videos they received quickly scattered around the World the web, riveting the attention of tens of thousands of users.

Ufologists and other independent paranormal researchers phenomena carefully studied these videos and came to the conclusion that they are genuine (yes there were too many for hoaxes of the same). However, the nature of the object remains a complete secret for everyone: eyewitnesses, web users Internet, UFO researchers and so on. Some are expected to put forward the hypothesis of an aircraft of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. According to others, this secret aircraft belongs to the military. Still others are inclined to believe that over Acehom hung some fantastic living creature.

It is noteworthy that in Indonesia since ancient times there are legends about chariot-like flying chariots literature. However, according to local legends, in these heavenly it’s not the gods who move in the wagons, but exclusively evil forces, seeking to bring misfortune to all living things. Therefore there is nothing surprisingly, some Indonesian witnesses were confused, because they were startled and scared, remembering the stories grandparents.


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