Inexplicable darkness covered certain areas Yakutia

Inexplicable darkness covered certain areas of YakutiaPhoto from open sources

In some areas of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), a strange the phenomenon that happened during the day lasted about three hours and remotely resembled a solar eclipse. On the street it suddenly became dark as at night, however the “eclipse” came suddenly, also instantly disappeared, was very localized and accompanied some other things incomprehensible to the logical mind.

A strange incident occurred for some reason very selectively – only in Aeginian locality, Eveno-Bytantaysky and Zhigansky uluses, and therefore not even a very dedicated person understands that to the ordinary it has nothing to do with a solar eclipse. Then who and how did you turn off the sun in these places of Yakutia?

A photo from open sources

The second strangeness can be called the fact that the “eclipse” flew instantly, as it passed, as if the sun was actually someone turned off, but not obstructed. No less strange may seem the “work schedule” of this “eclipse.” For example, in selected populated areas points it began at 11 am, in others at 14 days, however a duration of three hours was guaranteed to everyone who came under this “heavenly action”.

Moreover, after three hours of total darkness, people found that the entire surface of the earth is covered with a layer of black dust, for example, water in barrels turned simply into dirt. However those who wandered in this Egyptian darkness with lanterns did not feel the dust when breathing, though, as they admitted, something “crushed and tormented” them …

Here’s what Konstantin Starostin told SakhaDay, being the head of the Lower Bytantaysky litter:

I would not say that darkness came instantly, at the extreme the least we sneaked more likely, but also a solar eclipse it was nothing at all. We also thought at first that it was some kind of the cloud fell to the ground, for example, a dusty curtain covered us, but there was no dust in the air, I myself specifically checked it. AND cooling was not observed at the same time. But when the darkness is gone – we all found a thick layer of dust on the surface of the earth. Now people about what they’re not saying, what speculation you’ll not hear (see video). But … we do not have specialists to explain all this rationally. For my part, I can only assure you that at this time no military or geological tests were carried out, I would knew about it.

A photo from open sources

Since the solar eclipse in this case does not roll, then Scientists sin more on the fires that are currently raging in Republic of Sakha. That’s just near the places where it appeared this anomaly, there are no fires. Yes, and why did she go so selectively, is also not clear. By the way, in October last year Egyptian darkness struck Sweden. And so far, scientists have not found a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon. So biblical the curse that the prophet Moses sent to the unfaithful, apparently, it haunts us in modern society, if only because that since that time, people still didn’t understand, but what is it – Egyptian darkness? ..

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