Inexplicable force threw the girl in the elevator

Inexplicable force threw the girl in the elevatorPhotos from open sources of

The video below was taken at the beginning of the current months in China. An unusual movie shot by a surveillance camera in the elevator apartment building, demonstrates, presumably, a very mysterious phenomenon.

On the record you can see a girl who suddenly throws up while the elevator car is moving. Unhappy child flies into the air, hits the door, then moves a little more up and finally falls to the floor. How strong is the young Chinese woman suffered, not reported. Meanwhile, World Wide Web users build various theories regarding the causes of what happened.

Skeptics claim that there is nothing unusual here, and the girl must have been caught by the shaft doors of some kind item of clothing. Other commentators suggest that this is about paranormalism. Such personalities resemble elevators before behaved inexplicably. So, the story of the old Welsh hotel, which was demolished in 1969. Despite the fact that the building was de-energized, one of the elevators began to ride between floors himself in itself, as if protesting against the destruction of the hotel. A worker entered his cabin, was thrown out of there by some invisible by force.

Maybe in the Chinese house the elevator also rebelled? Probably worth heed the opinions of esotericists who claim that consciousness possesses in this world exclusively EVERYTHING, even artificially created things. Lifts, by the way, are no different in this respect from cars, some of which also often start independent life, for example, turning into cars – conscious killers …

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