Inexplicable human superpowers

Inexplicable human superpowersA photo from open sources Thanks to the Internet, we know today, that on our planet there are quite a lot of people who possess supernatural abilities. And some of them demonstrate miracles of their physical body, others – no less amazing mental capabilities.

In the proposed documentary “Not Applicable superpowers “is told, for example, about the boy Ben, who, shortly after birth, was blind due to cancer eyeballs – had to be removed. His mother Akunana Jobs agreed to this terrible operation after when the doctors put her before a choice – or her son will be blind, or him at all will not. But … after some time, a blind boy (completely without eye) began to see, perhaps even better than ordinary people (by at least he also sees well both day and night).

Today, this phenomenon is defined by scientists as internal vision, Moreover, in Russia there is even a school of Vyacheslav Bronnikov, which is engaged in the “awakening” of such an internal vision in a person, successfully providing the opportunity for the blind to learn to see. However, what is internal vision, scientists still do not understand can.

They cannot explain why individual people, like, say, Ukrainian Fedor Nesterchuk can do without sleep (does not sleep already twenty years), and yet does not suffer from it, if not consider some kind of household inconvenience.

Today, scientists in many countries are seriously studying supernormal abilities. individual people. Perhaps this is the key to changing nature. of the human being as a whole, the path to the new race they are talking about for example, avatars of India.

However, watch the movie and judge for yourself how capable scientists are. understand these phenomena today, explain them, and even more so use for the good of humanity.


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