Inexplicable luminous ball chased airliner

An inexplicable luminous ball chased an airlinerPhoto from open sources

James Thomas flew on August 31 from Berlin to his native Manchester. Looking inadvertently into the airplane window, a man saw there something, he said, unexpected and incredible. At the bottom of the plane a huge ball glowing in white appeared, apparently pursuing an airliner.

The startled Englishman immediately grabbed his cell phone and began to shoot the alleged anomaly in the video. Turning on the entry below, you can see this shining sphere with my own eyes. Our hero notes that she looked like something from sci-fi movie.

When Thomas sent the received video to ufologists, and they published it on the YouTube video hosting service, leaving the users themselves determine what it is.

Many site subscribers, of course, felt that we are talking about alien aircraft. According to other commentators, the Briton captured a giant ball lightning. Still others put forward the hypothesis that it was a portal to a parallel world or energy essence from another dimension.

As for the skeptics, they also found what happened possible explanation. Materialists suggest that before us just a reflection of a lamp in an airplane window – witty guess, isn’t it? ..


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