Inexplicable on the Russian island rock ornament

An incomprehensible cave ornament appeared on the Russian islandA photo from open sources

On the Russian island of Feklistov, which is part of Shantarsky archipelago, an unusual rock was discovered. She was noticed by several days ago, domestic tourists traveling here with the goal of relax and enjoy nature. When the group swam up to the island, one of the travelers unexpectedly pointed to the coastal a rock on which a mysterious loomed distinctly ornament.

It is noteworthy that among the tourists turned out to be an experienced geologist, who carefully examined through binoculars obscure “letters” on stone and concluded that they were not created by nature. By expert opinion, this is a man-made ornament, but who, when and with what purpose put it on a rock is a real mystery. Scientist expressed desire to visit the island of Feklistov again and take with you their more experienced colleagues in order to thoroughly research with them an amazing find.

A photo from open sources

Bakht Mavlanov, who led the marching group, said that repeatedly sailed in boats along the local coastline, however for some reason I never saw a strange cave painting – as if it done yesterday. However, when one vacationer pointed out to tourists on a miraculous rock, a bizarre ornament as if by magic sticks became visible to everyone. Maybe he actually appeared here recently? Or it was still created by some powerful civilization that once inhabited the territory of modern Russia? In this case, our ancestors could well award a stone mystical properties that protect him from prying eyes.

Skeptics believe that this is a geological rock, which formed over many millions of years, including in the era volcanic activity. Allegedly, therefore, on a once soft stone and a curious ornament was imprinted. As for domestic researchers of supernatural phenomena, then they tend to believe that this drawing was indeed made by sentient beings. For example, through a powerful source of energy. That’s just why has anyone seen him before? What if this is a manifestation of parallel peace? ..

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