Inexplicable sound recorded in English the city

Inexplicable sound recorded in an English cityPhoto from open sources

From time to time, from different parts of our planet come messages of mysterious loud noises coming from the sky. Not this way They have long been heard in the cities of Israel, Afghanistan, Canada, Turkey … Sometimes these sounds are similar to loud trumpet “singing”, sometimes – to unexplained animal hum or roar, and in some cases speech in general, it’s about some kind of moderately melodic “alien” ringing, which is even hard to describe in words.

Now, the English city of Plymouth on southwest county devon. This happened on Saturday, February 11th. Plymouth resident Joe Ketano, visiting with his friends in the evening time local harbor, unexpectedly heard strange sounds coming from above – right from the sky. The surprised man took out his mobile phone and recorded the video below. On the 42 second clip it is noticeable that the sky at that moment was absolutely normal and not It showed no anomalies. However, Ketano and his comrades there was a persistent feeling that a mysterious sound was heard precisely from there.

A photo from open sources

An ominous sound, similar at the same time to a low whistle and a certain “electric” roar, heard that night, and other townspeople, many of whom he even prevented from sleeping. They called him “Plymouth.” muttering. “Notably, a similar buzz was observed here and earlier, however, this case was truly unprecedented due to the highest sound volume and numerous witnesses to this strange phenomenon. Before, Plymouth Mumble was a bit of a the local city legend, but now there are irrefutable evidence for the existence of this phenomenon.

Some residents believe that representatives are to blame extraterrestrial civilization, others are sure that what happened is rational explanation. At one time, scientists explained similar sounds in other parts of the world by “singing” Pacific males midshipman fish rattling metal structures in the wind, vibrations of the seabed, unusual acoustic does not fit either for one of the above reasons. Perhaps believers say it is heavenly angels who warn people of impending disasters. And what can we expect even in our turbulent time? ..

So for now the amazing “Plymouth mumble” remains another unresolved mystery of the United Kingdom which there are many. A riddle with a great deal of supernatural …


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