Inexplicable sounds are heard from the sky in Malaysia

Inexplicable sounds are heard from the sky in MalaysiaPhoto from open sources

The video below was received on January 9 this year in Malaysian city of Malacca. Locals heard at sunset strange loud sounds. They came from the sky and resembled something wrong strange metal rattling, not some kind of “alien” singing.

Devout Malaysians thought it was religious signs, and grabbed their phones to capture the abnormal noise on gadget cameras. Eyewitnesses quickly spread over supernatural Network resources phenomena and inexplicable phenomena. Claimed to be here before nothing like this ever happened, although in many others parts of the world, similar sounds were heard from the sky more than once.

Experts suggest that everything is to blame geomagnetic storms or the movement of lithospheric plates, however alternative researchers are in no hurry to agree with Orthodox scholars. In their opinion, we can talk about tricks aliens or using climate weapons.

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