Inexplicable sounds haunt for eight years residents of the Canadian city of Windsor

Inexplicable sounds have been haunting the Canadian city of Winsor for eight years now.A photo from open sources

Not so long ago about the Canadian city of Winsor (Ontario) few people knew. However, 8 years ago, the situation changed dramatically, and now television vans are drawn here, and the locals here and there business flashed in the scientific and educational and news programs.

This is explained by the fact that in 2010. Noise came to Winsor, appearance which is confirmed by all residents of the city and its suburbs, and this is 210 thousand people! But what is it?

“Imagine thunder,” complains 64-year-old Mike Provost, “which not silent for whole hours and even days. “From this incomprehensible thunder impossible to take refuge; according to Provost, “he is everywhere.” Someone compares Noise with the sound of a running engine, someone with the sound of a music column. However, all locals are unanimous It’s very hard to live to the accompaniment of inexplicable thunder. The animals at Winsor also suffer from Noise: once it starts, cats are hiding in a panic, and dogs come from barking …

In the summer of 2012 The noise was especially active. During this period in city ​​rescue service received 22 thousand calls from citizens from complaints of unbearable sounds coming from somewhere unclear. At present Noise time appears two to three times a week, usually by at night.

This sound anomaly, of course, interested scientists, who put forward their version. There is a closed winsor object, the so-called industrial island of Zug, where, in in particular, the US Steel Steelworks is located. how Researchers suspect (followed by local residents), Noise appears as a result of tests conducted by this company. Discover anything definite is not possible yet: US Steel does not give any explanations and does not allow journalists and scientists.

However, why strange sounds arose only 8 years ago, although the factory has existed for a long time, and why the city authorities do nothing, to save the inhabitants of Winsor from sound adversity, despite all the efforts of people and the hype raised by the press?

In a word, a riddle. We suggest you listen to what they say about Noise residents of the city, as well as “enjoy” the sound of “heavenly organ” …

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