Inexplicable sounds were heard from the sky in Florida

Inexplicable sounds were heard from the sky in Florida.Photo from open sources

Numerous Sanford City Residents in the U.S. State Florida witnessed an obscure phenomenon. From the evening sky here a mysterious deafening noise was heard, like something not like a roar a dozen aircraft, not howling at some fantastic monster. However, no aircraft and creepy monsters above obviously there wasn’t even a trace.

By turning on the video below, you can make sure this yourself. Eyewitnesses were very surprised and even scared heard. Together with Web users, they began to push different versions of the reasons for what happened.

Some say that somewhere around Sanford actually some ancient monster woke up. According to others, over the city a squadron of ghost planes flew by. If you believe the third, all the tricks of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. Fourth are convinced that we are talking about electromagnetic noise. Finally, there were also individuals who considered the incident an ominous religious sign, concluding that America is expected terrible changes. No wonder many reputable clairvoyants and magicians predict “strongholds of democracy” imminent disasters until the complete collapse.

However, the mysterious man-made sounds, as if “out of nowhere” for a long time Already disturbing people – a few centuries ago, researchers tried to determine their source – and to no avail (in more detail about this we wrote on our website in a large article – read on link). Recently, however, these mysterious “signals” hum with heaven or even a terrible “roar”, became more frequent, and people hear all this in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, today scientists cannot it is reasonable to explain this mysterious phenomenon …


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