Inexplicable sunset “in the middle of the ocean” surprised eyewitnesses

Inexplicable sunsetPhoto from open sources

A mysterious video is being distributed across the World Wide Web, received another December 25 last year in California. Many residents and the guests of the “Golden State” then witnessed an extremely strange phenomena.

During sunset relatively offshore unexpectedly there was a semicircular red glow, very reminiscent of its overlooking the sun. However, the sun is known to set exclusively on the horizon relative to the eyes of the observer, but not in the middle of the ocean.

Some netizens believe that there was a failure in the work of the so-called “Matrix”, where humanity lives. According to the opinion of others, all the fault was the tricks of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, which is capable and not of such “tricks”, for example, their underwater base could glow. Still others say it’s was a phenomenon supernatural or divine nature.

If you believe skeptics, then we are just freaky a mirage, when it appears that above the horizon is extra strip of water. Other doubters say speech It’s about ordinary video editing.

Of course, no one can say with accuracy, however alternative specialists are convinced: something has gone beyond framework of the ordinary. Say, nowadays, when everyone has in his pocket lies a phone with a camera, such miracles are captured on video often. But what else surprises: they, these miracles, becoming more diverse. Can’t you find it? ..

The sun

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